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Below is the collection of publicly-advertised Mailman mailing lists on Click on a list name to visit the configuration pages for that list.To visit the administrators configuration page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the list name appended. If you have the proper authority, you can also create a new mailing list.

General list information can be found at the mailing list overview page.

(Send questions and comments to

List Description
A4-commits cvs commits
Abd-commits cvs commits
Abernethy-reliability Discussion on reliabiilty analysis code development and use
Abind-commits cvs commits
Abo-commits cvs commits
Accmass-commits Commits
Acspkg-commits cvs commits
Actogram-commits Commits
Actuarialval-mail Mail List
Addendum-commits Commits
adegenet-commits cvs commits
adegenet-forum Discussions about the adegenet package
Adehabitat-commits cvs commits
Adephylo-commits cvs commits
Adgoftest-commits cvs commits
Aedatamanage-commits cvs commits
Aeg-commits cvs commits
Aemd-commits Commits
Agrmt-commits Commits
Aiba-commits Commits
Aix-commits cvs commits
Alpaydinrnn-commits cvs commits
Ambur-commits cvs commits
Ambur-help A mailing list to seek and/or provide help.
Ameli-commits cvs commits
Amore-commits Commits
Andeanbear-commits Commits
Animal-commits cvs commits
animation-commits package animation discussion
Ann-commits Commits
Annotationdbix-commits cvs commits
Ape-commits Commits
Apl-commits Commits
Applong-commits cvs commits
Apsrtable-commits Commits
Apt-commits cvs commits
Aqp-commits cvs commits
Aqr-user [no description available]
Archetypes-commits cvs commits
Arf-commits cvs commits
Arm-commits cvs commits
Armlite-commits cvs commits
Aroma-dots-commits cvs commits
Arrayhelpers-commits Commits
Arules-commits cvs commits
Arvore-commits cvs commits
Asdar-commits cvs commits
Asrr-commits cvs commits
Asrr-help [no description available]
Asset-commits Commits
Asur-commits cvs commits
Atelier-commits Commits
Aurelhy-commits cvs commits
Autograph-commits cvs commits
Automater-commits Commits
Background-commits Commits
Backtest-commits Commits
Ballisticaccum-commits cvs commits
Basisr-commits cvs commits
Basta-commits Commits
Basta-users For assistance running, debugging and understanding BaSTA analyses.
Batman-commits Commits
Batman-users [no description available]
Baybi-commits cvs commits
Bayesfactorpcl-commits cvs commits
Bayespanel-commits cvs commits
Bayesr-commits Commits
Bayessdeevol-commits Commits
Bayessurv-commits Commits
Bbmle-commits cvs commits
Bce-commits cvs commits
Bclust-commits cvs commits
Bcvars-commits cvs commits
Benchmark-commits cvs commits
Bertin-commits cvs commits
Betapart-commits Commits
Betareg-commits Commits
Bfa-commits Commits
Bfast-commits cvs commits
Bfp-commits cvs commits
Bgpe-commits cvs commits
Biclust-commits cvs commits
Biclustgui-commits Commits
Bigmemory-commits cvs commits
Bigplot-commits cvs commits
Bigrr-commits Commits
Binom-commits cvs commits
Binomtools-commits Commits
Biocep-commits cvs commits
Biocep-distrib-commits cvs commits
Bioimagetools-commits Commits
Biomod-commits cvs commits
Bioturbation-commits cvs commits
Biplotgui-commits cvs commits
Biplotgui-general Questions and comments
Blockmodeling-commits cvs commits
Blockrand-commits Commits
Blotter-commits cvs commits
Blupsurv-commits cvs commits
Bmhyd-commits Commits
Bmisc-commits Commits
Boe-commits cvs commits
Boostheaders-commits SVN Commit Logs for Boost-Headers
Boostheaders-devel General list for boostheaders topics
Bouhyd-commits Commits
Bprop-commits Commits
Bradleyterry2-commits cvs commits
Brandpulscc-commits Commits
Brew-commits cvs commits
Brglm-commits Commits
Bubble-commits Commits
Bugs-examples-commits Commits
Bvpsolve-commits cvs commits
C3net-commits Commits
C3net2-commits Commits
Caic-commits cvs commits
Calibayesr-commits cvs commits
Calibfun-commits Commits
Calmat-commits cvs commits
Calmate-commits cvs commits
Candisc-commits cvs commits
Candlesticks-commits Commits
Cans-works-commits Commits
Caper-commits Commits
Car-commits cvs commits
Cardidates-commits cvs commits
Caret-commits cvs commits
Casad-commits Commits
Casper-commits casper updates
Catdyn-commits Commits
Catkgui-commits cvs commits
Catlearn-package Email updates about the catlearn package
Catsim-commits cvs commits
Ccafs-analogues-commits Commits
Cellmix-cssam csSAM user queries
Cellmix-user CellMix user queries
Cens-commits Commits
Centipede-commits Commits
Cerrado-commits Commits
Cfl-commits Commits
cfmdfi-commits cvs commits
Cghseg-commits Commits
Cgmimetic-commits Commits
Cgsea-commits cvs commits
Chaid-commits cvs commits
Charm-commits cvs commits
Charmdata-commits cvs commits
Chemometrics-commits cvs commits
Chemosensors-commits Commits
CHNOSZ-commits Commits
CHNOSZ-help Help, bug reports and announcements
Chnosz-test Test
Chromatoplots-commits cvs commits
Chromatosimul-commits cvs commits
cipsr-users CIPS-R User Mailing List
Circular-commits cvs commits
Citan-commits Commits
Clamix-commits Commits
Climstats-commits Commits
Clustddist-commits cvs commits
Clusterds-commits Commits
Clusterpath-commits Commits
Cmonkey-commits Commits
Cnf2freq-commits Commits
Coalescer-commits Commits
Cocorresp-commits cvs commits
Coefplot2-commits Commits
Cohortpower-commits Commits
Coin-commits Commits
Colbycol-commits cvs commits
Collocations-commits cvs commits
Colorspace-commits cvs commits
Colourscheme-commits cvs commits
Commandr-commits cvs commits
Compdataviz-commits Commits
Comprandfld-commits cvs commits
Consensusmean-commits Commits
Contrast-commits cvs commits
Control-commits cvs commits
Copula-help Public questions about the copula package (you could use R-help, too)
Corbi-commits Commits
Corhmm-commits Commits
Corrbin-commits cvs commits
Corrplot-commits cvs commits
Countreg-commits cvs commits
Covertree-commits cvs commits
Coxflexboost-commits cvs commits
Cpp-commits cvs commits
Cran2deb-commits cvs commits
Cran2deb-discuss cran2deb discussion
Creditrisk-commits Commits
Crf-commits Commits
Crimage-commits Commits
Cropcc-commits Commits
Cropsim-commits cvs commits
Cshapes-commits cvs commits
Ctm-commits Commits
Ctsem-mail Discussion of ctsem
Cureos-commits Commits
Cvd-packagecvd Mailing List for package CVD
Cvr-commits cvs commits
cxxr-commits svn commits to the trunk of CXXR.
Daewr-commits Commits
Dairy-commits cvs commits
Dataexpl-commits Commits
Day2day-commits Commits
Dclusterm-commits Commits
Ddepn-commits Commits
Debug-commits Commits
Decomp-commits Commits
Deconwk-commits cvs commits
Deducerscaling-commits Commits
Deffbinary-commits cvs commits
Delftfews-commits Commits
Demoniche-commits Commits
Dendrometry-commits Commits
Deoptim-commits cvs commits
depmix-commits cvs commits
Desirability-commits cvs commits
Desire-commits cvs commits
Desire-developers Developer discussion
Desire-discuss General package discussion
Desolve-commits cvs commits
Detsel-commits Commits
Dfdb-rodbc-commits cvs commits
Diagnosis-commits cvs commits
Diagnosismed-commits cvs commits
Diagnosismed-list List for general purposes,
Diagram-commits cvs commits
Dierckxspline-commits cvs commits
Digest-commits cvs commits
Dimmeta-commits cvs commits
Directlabels-commits cvs commits
DirichletReg-News Information about new releases of DirichletReg
Disco-commits Commits
Diseasemapping-commits cvs commits
Dismo-commits cvs commits
Distr-commits cvs commits
Distr-distr sublist for package distr
Distr-distrdoc sublist for package distrDoc
Distr-distrex sublist for package distrEx
Distr-distrmod sublist for package distrMod
Distr-distrsim sublist for package distrSim
Distr-distrteach sublist for package distrTeach
Distr-distrtest sublist for package distrTEst
Distr-startupmsg sublist for package startupmsg
Distr-swvlistutils [no description available]
Distr-utils sublist for utils in project distr
Distributions-commits cvs commits
Dlm-commits Commits
Dma-commits cvs commits
Dma-design Feature requests and design issues for Direct Marketing Analytics project.
Dmd-commits Commits
Dmrtools-commits Commits
Dmt-commits cvs commits
Dnamr-commits cvs commits
Dnatools-commits cvs commits
Doe-commits cvs commits
Domc-commits Commits
Dompi-commits cvs commits
Doparallel-commits Commits
Dosmp-commits Commits
Dosnow-commits Commits
Dossh-commits Commits
Dpeaqms-commits Commits
Dplr-commits Commits
Dr-commits cvs commits
Drawexpression-commits cvs commits
Dream-commits cvs commits
Drm-commits cvs commits
Dryworkflow-commits Commits
Dtw-commits cvs commits
Dwd-commits Commits
E1071-commits Commits
Eagle-help Eagle GWAS help
Earlywarnings-commits Commits
Earthmovdist-commits cvs commits
Easydb-commits Commits
Eat-commits Commits
Ecohydrology-commits Commits
Ecoinf-commits Commits
Ecopd-commits cvs commits
Ecovirtual-commits Commits
Eeg-commits cvs commits
Effects-commits cvs commits
Electricity-commits cvs commits
Elemstatlearn-commits cvs commits
Engrexpt-commits cvs commits
Enquirer-commits cvs commits
Ensemblesvm-commits cvs commits
Eos-commits Commits
Epi-commits cvs commits to the Epi package
Epidemics-commits Commits
Epinetics-commits cvs commits
Epitools-commits cvs commits
Esm-commits cvs commits
Esm-devs Developers mailing list
Esm-general General questions about ESM
Eventhistory-commits Commits
Eventstudies-commits Commits
Eventstudies-discussion Discussion related to the Event Studies package
Evolmod-commits Commits
Evolutionr-commits Commits
Ewc-commits cvs commits
Exgraphs-commits Commits
Expdes-commits Commits
Expm-commits cvs commits
Expm-developers All developers of the expm R-forge project
Extremalproc-commits cvs commits
Ezsim-commits Commits
Factoclass-commits Commits
Factominer-commits Commits
Factominergui-commits Commits
Factoranalytics-commits Commits
Factorplot-commits Commits
Fakeplace-commits cvs commits
Faoutlier-commits Commits
Fastknn-commits Commits
Fastr-commits Commits
Fda-commits cvs commits
Fdiversity-commits cvs commits
Fdrcn-commits Commits
Fest-commits cvs commits
Ff-commits cvs commits
Ffi-commits cvs commits
Finconductor-commits Commits
Fingerprint-commits svn commits
Fints-commits cvs commits
Fisheyer-commits cvs commits
flr-list FLR list for doubts & co.
Fme-commits cvs commits
Fmrireg-commits cvs commits
Fmrisim-commits Commits
Foodweb-commits Commits
Forai-commits Commits
Foreach-commits Commits
Forecast-commits Commits
Forensim-commits cvs commits
Forensim-forum forensim forum
Forensim-help forensim mailing list
Fortunes-commits cvs commits
Fractal-commits cvs commits
Fractalbrain-commits Commits
Fresh-commits cvs commits
Fresh-tor4 FRESH WG3 ToR4 communication
Frog-commits Commits
Fselector-commits cvs commits
Ftree-community Community mailing list for FaultTree discussion
Fun-commits cvs commits
Functional-commits cvs commits
Fusebox-commits Commits
Fxregime-commits cvs commits
Gada-commits Commits
Galois-commits Commits
gamboostLSS-support Support for users of the gamboostLSS package
Gamesnws-commits cvs commits
Gametheory-commits Commits
Gamlss-commits Commits
Gapanalysis-commits cvs commits
Gbm-commits cvs commits
Gcur-commits cvs commits
Gdalutils-user General mailing list for gdalUtils
Gdgc-commits cvs commits
Gdistance-commits cvs commits
Gdsfmt-package [no description available]
Genmoss-commits Commits
genoPlotR-announce Announces for genoPlotR. Extremely low traffic
Genoplotr-commits cvs commits
genoPlotR-help Help for genoPlotR
Genridge-commits Commits
Geo-commits Commits
Geoextras-commits Commits
Geofd-commits Commits
Geoglsm-commits Commits
geoGraph-commits cvs commits
Geometry-commits Commits
Geometry-devel Discussion about development of the geometry package
Geonames-commits cvs commits
Georglsm-commits Commits
Georob-commits commits
Geosphere-commits cvs commits
Geovec-commits Commits
Geoxp-commits cvs commits
Germplasm-commits Commits
Getmodis-commits Commits
Ggcluster-commits Commits
Ggplot-add-ons-commits cvs commits
Glmmbugs-commits cvs commits
Glmmgs-commits Commits
Glmx-commits Commits
Globalboosttest-commits cvs commits
Glogis-commits Commits
Glpk-commits cvs commits
Glucpack-commits cvs commits
Gmm-commits cvs commits
Gmpm-commits cvs commits
Gmpm-news Receive news / updates of the gmpm package
Gnmf-commits Commits
Gnupg-commits Commits
Gof-commits Commits
Gogarch-commits cvs commits
Gograph-commits Commits
gprepel-commits Commits
Gpusim-commits Commits
Gradientforest-commits Commits
Graphcomparison-commits cvs commits
Graphicsqc-commits cvs commits
Grasp-commits cvs commits
Graviopt-commits Commits
Grho-commits cvs commits
Griddebug-commits Commits
Gridgraph-commits Commits
Gridsvg-commits Commits
Grimm-commits Commits
Gsdesign-commits cvs commits
Gsif-commits Commits
Gslcca-commits Commits
Gsmart-commits Commits
Gsmoothr-commits cvs commits
GSoC-Dowd porting Kevin Dowd's 'Measuring Market Risk'
Gsoc-keras GSoC Project list for Keras integration to R
GSoC-PortA PortfolioAnalytics
Gsrmtp-commits cvs commits
Gsymbols-commits cvs commits
Gtdb-commits cvs commits
Guerry-commits cvs commits
Gvar-commits cvs commits
Gwas-bin-tests-commits Commits
Gwatoolbox-commits Commits
Gwidgets-commits cvs commits
Gwidgets-questions Mailing list for asking question on gWidgets
H5r-commits cvs commits
Haarseg-commits cvs commits
Hab-bathy-commits cvs commits
Hadoopstreaming-commits cvs commits
Hafroassmt-commits Commits
Hafrodb-commits cvs commits
Happy-commits cvs commits
Hdf5-commits Commits
Hellojavaworld-commits cvs commits
Hepi-commits cvs commits
Heplots-commits cvs commits
Hergm-commits cvs commits
Hgam-commits cvs commits
Hglm-commits cvs commits
Hgwas-commits Commits
Highfrequency-commits highfrequency SVN commits list
Highlight-commits cvs commits
Histdata-commits cvs commits
Histogramtools-commits [no description available]
Histogramtools-discuss Questions, discussion, feature requests
Hlikelihood-commits Commits
Hlogit-commits cvs commits
Hmmr-commits Commits
Holidays-commits Commits
Hts-analyzer-commits Commits
Htsanalyzer-commits Commits
Hwriterplus-commits Commits
Hybridmc-commits cvs commits
Hypergsplines-commits Commits
hyperspec-help hyperSpec's help mailing list
Ica4fts-commits cvs commits
Icc-commits Commits
Ices-frs-commits cvs commits
Icpsrmsda-commits Commits
Idbg-commits Commits
Iforest-commits cvs commits
Ifrogs-commits Commits
Ifrogs-help Help with ifrogs package functions
Ifultools-commits cvs commits
Igir-commits Commits
Ima-commits Commits
Imagemap-commits cvs commits
Imgur-commits Commits
Immunoassay-commits Commits
Impactiv-commits Commits
Indeptests-commits Commits
Indexing-commits cvs commits
Infer-commits Commits
Inference-commits Commits
inference-devel Get help, report bugs, submit patches, and discuss the development of the /inference/package.
Inla-commits cvs commits
Inline-commits cvs commits
Inlinedocs-commits cvs commits
Inlinedocs-support support/bug/feature requests, general discussion
Inspectr-commits Commits
Intcomp-commits intcomp-Commits
Interate-commits Commits
Intervals-commits cvs commits
Intervals-news News for package users on updates and improvements to the intervals package.
Introcompfinr-commits SVN commits
Invbingroup-commits cvs commits
Ipeds-commits Commits
Ipmpack-commits Commits
IPMpack-users For assistance running, debugging and understanding IPMpack analyses
Ipoptr-commits Commits
Ipred-commits cvs commits
IPSUR-commits cvs commits
Ipsur-core Core members list
Irt-commits cvs commits
Isogene-commits cvs commits
Isogenegui-commits cvs commits
isopam-commits dealing with r-package isopam
Itertools-commits cvs commits
Jacobi-commits cvs commits
Jbtools-help list for help and bug reports
Jhlir-commits cvs commits
Jjplot-commits Commits
Jmr-commits Commits
Jmultir-commits cvs commits
Jnt-commits cvs commits
Jobqueue-help Inquiries, requests, and support around the jobqueue package
Joiner-commits cvs commits
Joris-commits Commits
Kinfit-commits cvs commits
Kinship2-commits Commits
Klar-commits cvs commits
klausuR-commits Commits
Kml3d-commits cvs commits
Konlp-commits Commits
Kritterbox-commits cvs commits
Ks-test-commits Commits
Kza-commits Commits
Labeling-commits Commits
Labeltodendro-commits cvs commits
Lahman-commits Commits
Lambertw-commits cvs commits
Lancetiraq-commits Commits
Landscape-commits Commits
Langid-commits cvs commits
Lattice-commits cvs commits
Latticeextra-commits cvs commits
Lava-commits cvs commits
Lazymlva-commits cvs commits
lcmix-commits Commits
Ldod-ehsan [no description available]
Learnprefs-commits Commits
Lhs-commits cvs commits
Libra-commits cvs commits
Lifeinsgrsim-commits cvs commits
Lifetables-commits cvs commits
Lihnpsd-commits lihnpsd project commits
Lim-commits cvs commits
Limitob-commits Commits
Limsolve-commits cvs commits
Linprog-commits cvs commits
Lisp-commits cvs commits
listpackage-discuss Announcements and discussion of the list package for R
Lmdvr-commits cvs commits
Lme4-authors Address the lme4 (R-forge) developers
Lme4-commits cvs commits
Lmmlasso-commits Commits
Lnar-commits Commits
Localdepth-commits cvs commits
Localgauss-commits Commits
Locallikelihood-commits Commits
Locclass-commits Commits
Lod-commits Commits
Logging-commits cvs commits
logitnorm-commits Commits
Lognorm-commits cvs commits
Logopt-commits Commits
Loopanalyst-commits cvs commits
Lossdev-commits cvs commits
Lpsolve-commits cvs commits
Lsa-commits Commits
Lsaes-commits Commits
Lshorth-commits cvs commits
Lsmeans-commits cvs commits
Lspm-commits cvs commits
Luck-commits cvs commits
Mada-commits Commits
Magnets-commits cvs commits
Mailman [no description available]
Manu-commits cvs commits
Marelac-commits cvs commits
Mareymap-commits cvs commits
Massatchance-commits Commits
Matrix-commits cvs commits
Matrixstats-commits cvs commits
Mattice-commits cvs commits
Mcibd-commits cvs commits
Mcmcpanel-commits cvs commits
Mcp-commits cvs commits
Mcplr-commits cvs commits
Mcs-commits cvs commits
Mdp-commits cvs commits
Me-integrate-commits cvs commits
Mediation-information Post questions to the list and get updates on use of mediation software
Medichi-commits Commits
Medrc-commits Commits
Meet-commits Commits
Metapca-commits Commits
Metaqc-commits Commits
Metasem-commits Commits
Metatest-commits Commits
Methcomp-commits cvs commits
Metlab-commits cvs commits
Metrology-commits Commits
Metrology-devel metRology developer mailing list at R-forge
Metrumrg-commits Commits
Mfr-commits cvs commits
Mframe-commits cvs commits
Mftsr-commits Commits
Mhurdle-commits cvs commits
Mi-dev-commits cvs commits
Mice-commits cvs commits
Migui-commits cvs commits
Mirt-commits Commits
Mirtest-commits Commits
missForest-commits The missForest Commits List
Missmda-commits Commits
Mixomics-commits Commits
Mixstock-commits cvs commits
Mixvarselect-commits Commits
Mlogit-commits cvs commits
Mlp-commits cvs commits
Mmest-commits Commits
Mmsa-commits cvs commits
Mmsar-commits cvs commits
Mnbem-commits Commits
Modelfree-commits cvs commits
Modis-commits Commits
Modis-discussion philosophic corner about package development
Mogcovreg-commits cvs commits
Monetr-users MonetDB.R users list
Morton-commits cvs commits
Mosaic-commits Commits
Motmot-commits Commits
Move-updates What is new in move?
Mpc-commits Commits
Mpcbs-commits cvs commits
Mpdir-commits cvs commits
Mperm-commits Commits
Mplusautomation-commits cvs commits
Mplusautomation-test test
Mpm-commits cvs commits
Mpmm-commits Commits
Mptinr-commits Commits
Mqext-commits Commits
Mrp-commits cvs commits
Mrzork1-commits Commits
Mscp-commits Commits
Msgl-commits Commits
Mspcm-commits Commits
Mstate-commits cvs commits
Mstoolkit-commits cvs commits
Mstree-commits cvs commits
Msvm4r-commits cvs commits
Mtcreator-commits Commits
Multcomp-commits cvs commits
Multcompview-commits Commits
Multdiff-commits Commits
Multiasymptote-commits Commits
Multilevelpsa-commits Commits
Multitable-commits Commits
Multxpert-commits Commits
Mumin-commits cvs commits
Muste-commits Commits
Mutoss-commits cvs commits
Mvabund-faqs FAQs about mvabund
Mvabund-updates Notification about mvabund updates
Mvmix-help [no description available]
Mvpartwrap-commits Commits
Mvtnorm-commits cvs commits
Myrrh-commits cvs commits
Mzmatchr-commits Commits
Nada-commits cvs commits
Nadiv-commits Commits
Nbmb-commits Commits
Nbpmatching-commits Commits
Ncdfbrowser-commits cvs commits
Ndvits-commits Commits
Nea-commits Commits
Necronomicode-commits Commits
Nem-commits Commits
Nemo-commits Commits
Netomography-commits cvs commits
Netpro-commits Commits
Netsim-discussion General discussion list of the NetSim project
Neuroim-commits cvs commits
Newsadmin-commits commits
Newtonraphson-commits Commits
Nicholsonppp-commits cvs commits
Niftir-commits Commits
Nlcv-commits cvs commits
Nloptr-commits Commits
Nlstools-commits cvs commits
Nlsylinks-commits Commits
Nmf-commits cvs commits
nmf-user Help, news and discussion about the NMF package
NMOF-news News about 'Numerical Methods and Optimization in Finance'
Norm-commits cvs commits
Nraia-commits cvs commits
Nsa-commits Commits
Numericalecon-commits Commits
Nwfscassmt-commits Commits
O22gp-commits Commits
Obssens-commits Commits
Obssensitivity-commits ObsSensitivity
Odfweave-commits cvs commits
Oem-commits Commits
Omearalab-commits Commits
Oompa-user User questions and discussion about OOMPA
Opc-commits Commits
Openair-commits cvs commits
Openrepgrid-commits Commits
Opentick-commits cvs commits
Operators-commits cvs commits
Opi-commits Commits
Opm-support Support for users of the opm and opmdata packages
Optimist-commits Commits
Optimphase2-commits cvs commits
Optmod-commits Commits
Optparse-commits cvs commits
Orbit-commits cvs commits
Orchestra-commits cvs commits
Orchestra-users maestros: users of the orchestra package
Orcme-commits cvs commits
Orddata-commits cvs commits
Ordijuice-commits cvs commits
Ordinal-commits Commits
Orgmassspecr-commits cvs commits
Ori-commits cvs commits
Orloca-main General list for suggestions and bugs
Orsk-commits Commits
Osc-commits cvs commits
Osmar-commits Commits
Osplinebasis-commits cvs commits
Outbred-commits Commits
Ouwie-commits Commits
P3d-commits cvs commits
Pa1-commits Commits
Pack-commits cvs commits
Pactivity-commits cvs commits
Pairtrading-commits Commits
Paleophylo-commits cvs commits
Pan-commits cvs commits
Panel-htt-commits cvs commits
Parallabel-commits cvs commits
Paralllogicreg-commits Commits
Parfm-commits Commits
Parfm-news News on parfm
Partdsa-commits Commits
Partsm-commits cvs commits
Party-commits Commits
Pasmae-commits Commits
Past-commits cvs commits
Pastecs-commits cvs commits for PASTECS R package
Patchwork-commits Commits
Pba-commits Commits
Pbsmodelling-commits cvs commits
Pcalg-commits cvs commits
Pcplex-commits Commits
Pcs-commits cvs commits
Pda-commits cvs commits
Pdcluster-commits Commits
Pdf2-commits cvs commits
Pdnimblegen-commits cvs commits
Pedigreemm-commits cvs commits
Peerrating-commits commits
Pfda-commits cvs commits
Pgfsweave-commits svn commits
Pglm-commits Commits
Phenopix-developers The list of developers of the package phenopix
Phrapl-commits Commits
Phyext-commits Commits
Phylobase-commits svn commits
Phylobase-devl phylobase development discussion
Phyloc-commits svn commits
Phyloc-devel Developers list for PhyloConductor
Phylohelper-commits cvs commits
Phylohelper-developer List for developers
Phylooptim-commits Commits
Phyloorchard-commits Commits
Phylothuria-commits Commits
Pi0-commits cvs commits
Picante-commits cvs commits
Picante-devel Picante developer list
Piface-commits cvs commits
Piutils-commits cvs commits
PKPD-commits Commits to the PKPD R-forge project
Pks-commits cvs commits
Plagrowanalysis-commits Commits
Playitbyr-commits Commits
Plm-commits cvs commits
Plotkml-commits Commits
Plsdof-commits cvs commits
Plspm-commits cvs commits
Plumbr-commits cvs commits
Plyr-commits cvs commits
Pmoments-commits cvs commits
pnl-commits cvs commits
Polrep-commits Commits
Polysegratio-commits cvs commits
Pommes-commits Commits
pomp-announce Announcements relating to the pomp package.
pomp-commits cvs commits
Portfolio-commits Commits
Pot-commits cvs commits
Pot-release New release of the POT package
Power-commits Commits
Ppstat-commits Commits
Predintervals-commits Commits
Prefmod-commits cvs commits
Preprisa-commits cvs commits
Primprod-commits cvs commits
Prlogistic-commits Commits
Prob-commits cvs commits
Prob-devel Development of prob
Prob-help Questions related to prob
Profdpm-commits cvs commits
Profilemodel-commits Commits
Projectr-commits Commits
Proteinevoutk20-commits Commits
Pscn-commits cvs commits
Psirusteam-commits Commits
Psm-commits cvs commits
Pst-commits Commits
Psychor-commits cvs commits
Ptinpoly-commits cvs commits
Punitroots-commits Commits
Pushgp-r-commits cvs commits
Pwrgsd-commits cvs commits
Pxr-commits Commits
Pyramidlattice-commits Commits
Pythoninr-devel PythonInR Developer List
Qca-commits Commits
QCA-public Public discussion list for the QCA package (incl. suggestions, recommendations)
Qfa-commits Commits
Qfin-commits cvs commits
Qle-devteam Development team (reviewing)
Qpcr-commits cvs commits
Qrdecupdate-commits cvs commits
Qsardata-commits Commits
Qtinterfaces-commits cvs commits
Qtinterfaces-devel Discussion forum for developers
qtlDesign-commits cvs commits
Qtlnetworkr-commits cvs commits
Quacn-commits Commits
Quaddisc-commits cvs commits
Quadmod-commits Commits
Qualitytools-commits Commits
Qualtrics-commits Commits
Qualv-commits cvs commits
Quantcombine-commits Commits
Quantlab-commits cvs commits
Quantmod-commits cvs commits
R-dots-commits cvs commits
R-forge-testing-testing No info here. Just testing & more testing, if needed.
R-gregmisc-commits Commit notifications for r-gregmisc
R-gregmisc-devel Developer mailing list for r-gregmisc
R-marketing-bugs Report bugs for Chapman & Feit R for Marketing code
R-methodss3-commits cvs commits
R-oo-commits cvs commits
R-solaris-commits cvs commits
R2admb-commits cvs commits
R2drue-commits cvs commits
R2html-commits cvs commits
R2jags-commits cvs commits
R2scheme-commits Commits
R2stats-commits Commits
R4x-commits cvs commits
Radr-commits cvs commits
Random-commits cvs commits
Randomforest-commits cvs commits
Rangecor-commits Commits
Rangemapper-commits Commits
Rangemapper-news [no description available]
Rann-commits cvs commits
Rapophenia-commits Commits
Raster-commits cvs commits
Rastervis-commits Commits
Rbamtools-commits Commits
Rberkeley-commits cvs commits
Rbigquery-commits Commits
Rbloomberg-commits cvs commits
Rboinc-commits cvs commits
Rbooks-commits cvs commits
Rca-commits Commits
Rcaline-commits Commits
Rcdk-commits cvs commits
Rcdklibs-commits cvs commits
Rcicr-users Mailing list for users of rcicr. For questions and feedback.
Rcmdr-commits cvs commits
Rcmdr-tms-commits Commits
Rcmdrsurvplugin-commits cvs commits
Rcolony-commits cvs commits
Rcplex-commits cvs commits
Rcpp-commits cvs commits
Rcpp-devel Rcpp Developer List
Rcppbind-commits cvs commits
Rcppoctave-commits Commits
Rcppoctave-user General user or development questions
Rcsdp-commits cvs commits
Rcwb-commits Commits
Rdouban-commits Commits
Rds2-commits Commits
Reactran-commits cvs commits
Realized-commits Commits
Recommenderlab-commits cvs commits
Recordlinkage-commits cvs commits
Reddyproc-users General information about usage and problems with the REddyProc package
Reefree-commits cvs commits
Regdevelop-commits Regression package on R-forge
Regr-commits cvs commits
Rehh-commits Commits
Reliability-commits cvs commits
Remm-commits cvs commits
Remoterengine-commits cvs commits
Remoterengine-devel [no description available]
Remotesensing-commits cvs commits
Renjin-commits Commits
Repitools-commits cvs commits
Repitools-help Ask questions regarding how to use the Repitools package
Returnanalytics-commits cvs commits
Revoexts-commits Commits
Rfitsio-commits Commits
Rflptools-commits cvs commits
Rfrench-commits cvs commits
Rgadget-commits cvs commits
Rgames-commits Commits
Rgdal-commits Commits
Rgdal-devel Development list for rgdal
Rgedi-forum rGEDI discussion, issues and suggestions
Rgeos-commits cvs commits
Rgeos-devel List for discussion of R/GEOS interface features
Rgg-commits cvs commits
Rgift-commits Commits
Rgl-commits cvs commits
Rglp-commits cvs commits
Rgmdh-commits cvs commits
Rgoogledata-commits cvs commits
Rgospiro-commits cvs commits
Rgsutil-commits Commits
Rgtk2extras-commits Commits
Rhadoop-commits cvs commits
Rhealpix-commits Commits
Rhr-questions Questions, discussion about the rhr package
Rhrv-commits Commits
Rht-commits Commits
Rhugin-commits cvs commits
Rib-commits cvs commits
Rich-commits Commits
Richoutput-commits Commits
Rimagej-commits cvs commits
Rino-commits cvs commits
Rinside-commits svn commits
Riskassessment-commits cvs commits
RiskAssessment-News News from the fitdistrplus and mc2d R packages
Riskscore-commits Commits
Rivr-commits Commits
Rjavax-commits Commits
Rjemm-commits cvs commits
Rjungler-commits cvs commits
Rjython-commits Commits
Rllvm-commits cvs commits
Rlogit-commits cvs commits
Rlsf-commits cvs commits
Rm-plot-commits Commits
Rmediation-commits Commits
Rmesquite-commits cvs commits
Rmesquite-devel Developers and users list for R/Mesquite.
Rmetrics-commits cvs commits
Rmodest-commits cvs commits
Rmpfr-commits cvs commits
Rms-commits Commits
Rnavgraph-commits Commits
Rneos-commits Commits
Rnetlogo-commits Commits
Rniftilib-commits cvs commits
Rnomads-user Announcements, feature requests, and help using rNOMADS
Rns3-commits cvs commits
Robast-commits cvs commits
Robkalman-commits cvs commits
Robust-commits cvs commits
Robust-ts-commits cvs commits
Robustbase-authors all the developers / authors of robustbase
Robustbase-commits cvs commits
Robustsurvival-commits Commits
RobustSurvival-devel Get help, report bugs, submit patches, and discuss the development of the /Robust Survival/ package.
Rodbcext-commits cvs commits
Roi-commits cvs commits
Rootsolve-commits cvs commits
Roottreetor-commits cvs commits
Roxygen-commits cvs commits
Roxygen-devel Roxygen design and development
Rpad-commits Commits
Rphree-general All topics about early release Rphree (devel, docs, help)
Rplant-commits Commits
Rplug-commits svn commits
Rplug-misc Discussion
Rprocessing-commits cvs commits
Rprotobuf-commits cvs commits
Rprotobuf-yada General discussion on the rprotobuf package
Rptr-commits cvs commits
Rpubchem-commits cvs commits
Rpython-commits Commits
Rqda-commits cvs commits
Rqda-help Discussion of usage of RQDA
Rql-commits cvs commits
Rqpd-commits Commits
Rqtlnetwork-commits cvs commits
Rquantlib-commits cvs commits
Rregarch-commits cvs commits
Rsaga-develop RSAGA Development
Rsap-commits cvs commits
Rsdmx-commits Commits
Rseedcalc-commits Commits
Rserlang-commits cvs commits
Rserlang-develop discussions development
Rsiena-commits cvs commits
Rsiena-help General help with RSiena programming
Rsitesearch-commits cvs commits
Rsln-commits cvs commits
Rsparql-commits cvs commits
Rspatial-commits Commits
Rspatial-devel Development list for rspatial
Rstarspan-commits Commits
Rstpm2-commits Commits
Rsvgtipsdevice-commits Commits
Rsymphony-commits cvs commits
Rtanalyze-commits Commits
Rtest-commits Commits
Rtm-commits Commits
Rtop-commits Commits
Rulebasedmodels-commits Commits
Ruler-commits Commits to ruleR package
Ruler-updates Updates of ruleR package
Rumfpack-commits Commits
Rusquant-commits Commits
Rvgtest-commits cvs commits
Rvowpalwabbit-commits Commits
Rweather-commits Commits
Rweibo-commits Commits
Rwoag-commits Commits
Rwrf-commits cvs commits
Rxkcd-commits Commits
S4vd-commits Commits
Sads-commits Commits
Sae-commits cvs commits
Saemix-commits Commits
Safelib-commits Commits
Sampsurf-commits Commits
Sapa-commits cvs commits
Sasim-commits cvs commits
Satin-commits cvs commits
Sbfac-commits Commits
Sbmlmodels-commits cvs commits
Sbr-commits cvs commits
Sbsa-commits Commits
Scian-commits cvs commits
Scian-general [no description available]
Sciviews-commits cvs commits
Sciviews-help Help on SciViews
Sciviews-news New SciViews versions
Scriptests-commits Commits
Sda-commits cvs commits
Sdafe-commits Commits
Sde-commits cvs commits
Sdmtools-commits cvs commits
Seacarb-commits cvs commits
Seacarb-help Help on seacarb use
Seacarb-news News about seacarb
Season-commits cvs commits
Sedar-commits cvs commits
Sedar-devel For developers of the sedar package
Segpen-commits Commits
Seiv-commits cvs commits
Selectivity-commits cvs commits
Sem-additions-commits sem-additions cvs commits
Sem-commits cvs commits
Semdiag-commits Commits
Sempls-commits cvs commits
Semtools-commits Commits
Sensitivity-commits cvs commits
Sensitivity-news Stay informed of the latest news
Sensominer-commits Commits
Sensominergui-commits Commits
Senspstrat-commits cvs commits
Sensr-commits Commits
Sentiment-commits Commits
Seqcnv-commits Commits
Seqcnvcbs-commits cvs commits
Seqinr-commits cvs commits
Seraphim-commits cvs commits
Seriation-commits cvs commits
Seurat-commits cvs commits
Sge-commits Commits
Sgp-commits cvs commits
Shikken-commits Commits
Shp2graph-commits Commits
Shrink-commits Commits
Sigil-commits cvs commits
Signal-commits cvs commits
Simdat-commits Commits
Simfms-commits Commits
Simlife-group group members of package simLife
Simsalabim-commits cvs commits
Simsalabim-communicate Communication on implementation issues
Sintro-commits cvs commits
Sirad-commits Commits
Site-commits cvs commits
Siteadmin-commits commits
Sleuth2-commits cvs commits
Smatr3-commits cvs commits
Smcs4-commits Commits
Smfsb-commits Commits
Smoothtest-commits Commits
Snadata-commits cvs commits
Snageo-commits Commits
Snatm-commits cvs commits
Snopgof-commits Commits
Snpsprocessing-commits cvs commits
Soccer-commits Commits
Softclassval-commits Commits
Soilr-commits Commits
Soilwater-commits Commits
Solar-commits Commits
Soniclength-commits Commits
Sorvi-admin General administration list for soRvi development and outreach
Sorvi-commits sorvi-commits
spacetime-trajectories list for discussing the implementation of a generic class for trajectories in R
Sparkline-commits cvs commits
Sparsegrid-commits Commits
Sparselda-commits cvs commits
Sparsem-commits cvs commits
Spatial-tools-devel Bug reports/development discussion
Spatialextremes-commits cvs commits
Spatialextremes-newrelease Inform about a new release of the SpatialExtremes package
Spatialkernel-commits cvs commits
spcopula-commits Commits
Spdep-commits cvs commits
Spdep-devel Development list for spdep
Spdep2-commits cvs commits
Spdynamic-commits Commits
Specfun-commits cvs commits
Speedglm-commits cvs commits
Speedr-commits Commits
Sphet-commits cvs commits
Spida-commits cvs commits
Spider-commits Commits
Spider-devl Developer's discussion list
Splinesurv-commits cvs commits
Splits-commits cvs commits
Splm-commits cvs commits
Splus2r-commits cvs commits
Spock-commits cvs commits
Spotfire-commits cvs commits
Sprint-commits cvs commits
Sprint-developer SPRINT Developer's mailing list
Sprint-user SPRINT user mailing list
Spse-commits Commits
Spsextante-commits cvs commits
Spsextante-devel Developer discussion list
Spsextante-users User Help
Spt-commits cvs commits
Sqlitemap-commits Commits
Sqn-commits cvs commits
Srs-commits cvs commits
Ssa-commits cvs commits
Stacomir-commits Commits
Star-commits cvs commits
Starstools-commits Commits
Stat2data-commits Commits
StatET-commits cvs commits
Statetrace-commits Commits
Statrand-commits Commits
Statrand-help help list
Stats-commits commits
Stdt-commits cvs commits
Stnn-commits Commits
Stoprog-commits cvs commits
Stops-general General topics and questions with regards to STOPS
Stops-help Help mailing list for STOPS
Stpp-commits cvs commits
Strat-commits Commits
Subgroup-commits Commits list for subgroup project
Sublogo-commits cvs commits
Surdes-commits cvs commits
Survey-commits Commits
Survgenesinter-commits Commits
Survival-commits cvs commits
Survweb-commits cvs commits
Svgmapping-commits Commits
Svgmapping-discussion Bug, Question, Suggestion ....
Svild-commits cvs commits
Swale-commits cvs commits
Sweavesearch-commits cvs commits
Swfdevice-commits cvs commits
Synbreed-commits cvs commits
Synbreed-news News for package synbreed
Synergizer-commits Commits
Tabbedplots-commits Commits
Tableplot-commits cvs commits
Tables-commits Commits
Tabular-commits Commits
Tau-commits Commits
Tea-commits Commits
Teachingdemos-commits cvs commits
Testcpp-commits cvs commits
texmex-commits Commits
Tides-commits cvs commits
Tikzdevice-bugs List for discussing bugs
Tikzdevice-commits cvs commits
Timewarp-commits Commits
Timp-commits cvs commits
Titanqc-commits Commits
Tlocoh-info Information and announcements about T-LoCoH
Tmdl-commits Commits
Tna-rna-commits Commits
Tnet-commits cvs commits
Tonalhierarchy-commits cvs commits
TopKLists-commits cvs commits
TopKLists-development LIst for developer information
Tourr-commits cvs commits
Toxwebs-commits cvs commits
Toyrpkg-commits Commits
Trackobjs-commits Commits
Tradesys-commits cvs commits
Traminer-commits cvs commits
Traminer-users Users questions
Travelr-announce Announcements related to the TravelR project
Travelr-commits cvs commits
Travelr-discussion Discussion of Travel Demand Modeling in R
Treed-commits Commits
Treerank-commits Commits
Treevo-commits cvs commits
Triangle-commits Commits
Trip-commits Commits
Trip123-commits cvs commits
Truncreg-commits cvs commits
Tsdbi-commits cvs commits
Tskarber-commits Commits
Tsp-commits cvs commits
Ttr-commits cvs commits
Tuner-commits cvs commits
twDEMC-commits Commits
twKinresp-commits Commits
twrap-commits cvs commits
Twsinstrument-commits Commits
twSnowfall-commits Commits
Uarraydatasets-commits cvs commits
Ucminf-commits cvs commits
Uhcluster-commits cvs commits
Uhcluster-members Update of programs and template documents
Unitconversion-commits Commits
unknownr-commits Commits
Unmarked-commits cvs commits
Uroot-commits cvs commits
Uscensus2000-commits cvs commits
Utf8latex-public Mailing List for utf8latex
Uwcfrm-commits mailing list for commits
Uwgarp-commits svn commits
Vars-commits cvs commits
Vcd-commits cvs commits
Vcdextra-commits cvs commits
Vcf2geno-commits All commits will show here
Vectis-commits Commits to the Vectis project
Vegan-commits cvs commits
Vegsoup-commits Commits
Vennerable-commits cvs commits
Vgwas-commits Commits
Viennar-meetup Vienna<-R Mettup Mailing List
Vinecopula-commits New commit to VineCopula
Virtualcom-commits Commits
Visualfields-commits Commits
Visualraster-commits Commits
Vpa-commits Commits
Vs2010-commits cvs commits
Vsa-commits Commits
Vwgh-commits cvs commits
Warningsignals-commits Commits
Wavetiling-commits Commits
Webmaps-commits cvs commits
Weibull-r-enthusiast Discussion, help, bug reporting on WeibullR package
Widatagetter-commits Commits
Wikirobot-commits wikiRobot svn commits
Williams-commits Commits
Wmcapacity-commits cvs commits
Wmtsa-commits cvs commits
Wordspace-commits Commits
Wordspace-users User discussions and help on distributional semantics in R
Wzd-commits cvs commits
Xlsx-commits cvs commits
Xpos-r-commits cvs commits
Xtable-commits Commits
Xts-commits cvs commits
Yags-commits cvs commits
Yaimpute-commits Commits
Yaletoolkit-commits Commits
Yarr-commits Commits
Yasomi-commits Commits
Yhat-commits cvs commits
Yield-curve-commits cvs commits
Yuima-commits cvs commits
Yuima-wishlist Post your wishes for future enhancements of the yuima package here
Zar5-commits Commits
Zipfr-commits cvs commits
Zipfr-users Discussions and help for users of the zipfR package
Zooimage-commits cvs commits
Ztricks-commits cvs commits

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