[tlocoh-info] Error in plot.new(): figure margins too large

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Sun May 5 05:10:38 CEST 2019

Hi Gina,

Thanks for heads-up on the plot error message. Yes that's a fairly 
common error message with RStudio, and is usually caused by the plot 
window being too small. In fact that's the only time I've ever 
encountered it. Very weird to see it in Rmd output. If increasing the 
size of the plot window doesn't work, something else might be going on.

I just did a test of plotting in RStudio and this worked fine:

mycon <- 
load(mycon); close(mycon)

See if that works for you.

Something else you could try would be to run dev.new() before you run a 
plot command. This will open a new plot window and make it active for 
subsequent plot commands. To print in RStudio again, run dev.off() or 
just close the window.

If none of the above helps, there might be something else going on, 
maybe a DPI setting or something like that. If I can reproduce the 
problem I could look more closely (but I won't have time to look at it 
until probably June). You can also look at the code in the plot 
functions and comment out any lines that deal with margins. Or you could 
also simply plot the points with your own commands - under the hood the 
locations are simply a SpatialPointsDataFrame object and the hulls and 
isopleths are simply SpatialPolygonsDataFrame objects (see the Vignette 
on the data structure).


On 5/3/2019 6:51 AM, Gina Joue wrote:
> Hi,
> I know the error
> ----------------------------------------------
> Error in plot.new(): figure margins too large
> -----------------------------------------------
> is probably a problem that is not specific to the tlocoh package, but
> I'm getting it only when plotting lxy objects, so I thought perhaps
> others using the package might have come across this and know how to
> deal with it. I don't get it with hist() but so far with plot(),
> lxy.plot.freq(), and lxy.plot.sfinder().
> I've tried the following suggestions posted in other R forums:
> * set the margins smaller than what it is set at
> * restarted the graphics device with dev.off() before plotting
> * increased the size of the plot window
> * Actually I'm running plots within R-markdown, which apparently should
> not be prone to this error because it's configured to plot to full paper
> size (is that right?), but in any case, I've tried it within the Rmd
> file with that panel at maximum size as well as at the console with the
> plot window at max)
> Help?
> Thanks in advance,
> Gina
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