[Rcpp-devel] [ANN] RInside 0.2.9

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd at debian.org
Tue Nov 6 01:42:16 CET 2012

RInside 0.2.9 went to CRAN early today; I just wrote up a short blog post you
can find at 


A non-hypertext copy of the post is below.

Cheers, Dirk

    Thinking inside the box                            

    Mon, 05 Nov 2012                                       
    RInside 0.2.9                                      
    A new version 0.2.9 of RInside arrived on CRAN     
    earlier today; Windows binaries have already been  
    built too. RInside provides a set of convenience   
    classes which facilitate embedding of R inside of  
    C++ applications and programs, using the classes   
    and functions provided by the Rcpp R and C++       
    integration package.                               
    This release adds a few new features as detailed   
    in the extract from the NEWS below.                
    A key new feature is the added support for         
    resilience to bad user input based on discussions  
    and an initial (but altered) patch by Theodore     
    Lytras. There are a few ways that this can be      
    deployedon so we also added two more example       
    programs detailing it. The featured Qt example and 
    the Wt example have been updated to use this too.  
    Another feature that may be quite useful for some  
    is the additonal attempt to find a value for       
    R_HOME if none has been set. The value is          
    typically found at compile time of the RInside     
    package which poses a problem for those using the  
    Windows build -- which is shipped as a binary      
    reflecting the value of the build system. One      
    alternative has always been to build the package   
    locally too to get the local value, or to set it   
    explicitly. But because the error behaviour - a    
    cryptic message of Cannot open base package - is   
    confusing to many, we now try to call the R        
    function which gets this value from the registry.  
    This may need more tweaking and testing, and if    
    you use RInside on the Windows platform I would    
    appreciate feedback.                               
    The complete list of changes since the last        
    release are summarized below in the corresponding  
    NEWS file entry:                                   
        Changes in RInside version 0.2.9 (2012-11-04)  
        * Applied (modified) patch by Theodore Lytras  
          which lets RInside recover from some parsing 
          errors and makes RInside applications more   
          tolerant of errors                           
        * Added non-throwing variants of parseEval()   
          and parseEvalQ()                             
        * Modified Qt and Wt examples of density       
          estimation applications to be much more      
          resilient to bad user input                  
        * On Windows, have RInside use R's             
          get_R_HOME() function to get R_HOME value    
          from registry if not set by user             
        * Added note to examples/standard/Makefile.win 
          that R_HOME may need to be set to run the    
          executables - so either export your local    
          value, or re-install RInside from source to  
          have it reflected in the library build of    
        * Updated CMake build support for standard,    
          armadillo and eigen                          
        * Improved CMake builds of examples/standard,  
          examples/eigen and examples/armadillo by     
          detecting architecture                       
    CRANberries also provides a short report with      
    changes from the previous release. More            
    information is on the RInside page. Questions,     
    comments etc should go to the rcpp-devel mailing   
    list off the Rcpp R-Forge page.                    
                        /code/rinside | permanent link 

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