[hyperSpec-help] Function 'read.spc' is not found

Claudia Beleites claudia.beleites at ipht-jena.de
Wed Nov 2 14:35:42 CET 2011

Dear Holger,

> thank you, now it works for a single spectrum spc, although with a warning
> (translated: "In nrow(pos) : Bytecode versions do not fit; using eval)".
:-) ich nehm' auch deutsche Fehlermeldungen...

> The import seems to ignore some offset information of the abscissa in the
> file, so there is a difference between the file in a spectra handling
> program and R.
That should not be. Could you please send me the .spc so I can debug 
with the exact file that causes you problems?

> Is there a way to also import older version spc? I usually encounter spc's
> of all kinds...
Do you actually have old version files (hyperSpec would tell you: it 
stops with an error in that case)? I've never seen one besides the 
example files that come with the file format specification.

I don't know when exactly the file format was changed by Grams, but the 
"new" file format specification I have dates from 1997 and the document 
history starts 1994 but doesn't mention transition to new file format.

I just put a proposal to rewrite the import in C/C++ to a list of 
student tasks, so if you tell me that you definitively have old-style 
files I could add another task for that (remains to be seen whether a 
student shows up for that, though).



> Thanks and best regards
> Holger
> Am 01.11.2011, 15:27 Uhr, schrieb Claudia Beleites
> <claudia.beleites at ipht-jena.de>:
> [...]
>> you need to update hyperSpec: [...] The version on CRAN was recently
>> updated to v. 0.98 so it is now available from there, too.
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