[hyperSpec-help] spc-Versions (was: Function 'read.spc' is not found)

Dr. Holger van Lishaut H.v.Lishaut at gmx.de
Thu Nov 3 20:35:08 CET 2011

Dear Claudia,

>> (translated: "In nrow(pos) : Bytecode versions do not fit; using eval)".
> :-) ich nehm' auch deutsche Fehlermeldungen...
sure, but you installed the mailing list to be in english ;-))

>> [difference between the file in a spectra handling program and R].
> That should not be. Could you please send me the .spc so I can debug  
> with the exact file that causes you problems?
> [...]
> Do you actually have old version files (hyperSpec would tell you: it  
> stops with an error in that case)? [...]
I'll send you a collection of spc-Files via PM. I have examples from  
different spectrometers. However I need to screen the data first to ensure  
that I may share them. This may take a moment but I'll get back to you...

Best regards und schöne Grüße from Neustadt/Wstr. to Jena

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