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Hi Arsalam,

It looks like you may have your labels (clab) set to 1 (or some other positive value) so that it is covering up your points. Perhaps your symbols (cex) are also set to either zero or a very small value. You might also have cstar set to zero so you wont see any of the lines joining points to the centroid for that group.

I suggest tying higher values for your cex and cstar. You could also set clab=0 to remove the labels to see if theyre obscuring the points.  I prefer to use a legend than direct labels.


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Dear Dr. jombart  and other users,
I am not a very experienced user of adegenet ! I just follow tutorials and at final stage  when I used  scatter(dapc1) what I get is only few squares by  numbers( screenshot attached) showing my clusters and individuals are not showed ! I am wondering if any body can help me to solve the issue ? apologize for basic question.
Many thanks in advance

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