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Hello Max, 

is there a question here? If you have problems with your code, it's best to provide a reproducible example. Feel free to use any of the datasets that comes shipped with adegenet or perhaps you could simulate your own data. 


In god we trust, all others bring data. 

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Subject: [adegenet-forum] PCoA 

Dear All 

I have recently used PCoA in adegenet to produce the following graph, using the s.class function (shown in attachment). Once i defined my PCoA data as the variable "pca.kelp" i inputted this into adegenet: 

s.class(pca.cows$li, fac=pop(microbov), col=funky(15)) 

s.class(pca.kelp$li, fac=pop(genind1), 
+axesel=FALSE, cstar=0, cpoint=3) 

I am fairly new to R statistics and would appreciate your time. 

Many thanks 

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