[Traminer-users] changing the layout in a seqplot with the group option

Jeremy Reynolds jeremyr at uga.edu
Wed Jun 15 23:52:54 CEST 2016

Dear Traminer users,

I am using the seqplot command with the group option to make a figure that
has seven subgraphs.  The help file seems to suggest that the code below
might be correct, but I get an error message.  Can someone tell me if there
is a problem with my code?

seqdplot(mm.m.seq, group = pamomf2i5w2q.m$clustering$cluster7, border
= NA, use.layout=TRUE, cols=1)Error in plot.new() : figure margins too

I have also tried using the par() approach instead, but I get an error
message there too.

png(file = "mc_mm.png")par(mfrow=c(7,1))seqdplot(mm.m.seq, group =
pamomf2i5w2q.m$clustering$cluster7, border = NA)Error in par(savepar)
  invalid value specified for graphical parameter "pin"



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