[Traminer-users] Common subsequence

Vivek Sabbineni s1vivek at gmail.com
Mon Nov 18 10:01:12 CET 2013


In order to find the most common sub-sequences,

With the command ''*seqecreate *i am able to pass three arguments  such as
(Process, Time, Event).

Could you please let me know what should i do if i need to pass more
arguments to consider.

My data:

date, time, user, process, activity
2013-06-25, 10:34:21.4375, uni15, 1, Index
2013-06-25, 10:35:13.0156, uni15, 1, ItemDetailsPartial
2013-06-25, 10:35:54.9843, uni15, 1, CloseItemDetailsPartial
2013-06-25, 10:35:59.5781, uni15, 1, FilterByTag

Thank you in advance for the help

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