[Traminer-users] How to treat in different ways different types of missing values?

Alexis Gabadinho Alexis.Gabadinho at unige.ch
Mon Sep 24 14:04:14 CEST 2012

Hi Elie,

There is a way of handling missing values differently depending on where 
they appear in the sequences by using the "left", "right" and "gaps" 
options when defining your sequence object with 'seqdef'. And it seems 
that you can solve your problem by setting these options.

Everything is explained in details in the manual page of 'seqdef', in 
the user's guide and in our paper published in the Journal of 
Statistical Software. All this documentation that we wrote especially 
for you the TraMineR users is freely available on our website or 
directly from within R.

All the best,

Le 21. 09. 12 11:04, Elie Chosson a écrit :
> Hello, dear TraMineR's users!
> I'm preparing my Ph.D in economy, and I use for it R and the TraMineR 
> package. It's a powerful, useful and very nice tool!
> I work on the trajectories of the recipients of the french "Revenu de 
> Solidarité Active". I have almost 2000 trajectories in my data frame, 
> and my data cover 9 quarter.
> My problem is the next:
> I have some missing values, but with a sens which is not all times the 
> same:
> 1. first case: when a missing value for a quarter is between two 
> normal values for the previous and next quarter.
> 2. second case: a missing value for a quarter is followed by missing 
> values for all the next quarters.
> example:
> _first case:_       
> Normal-Normal-Normal-*NA*-Normal-Normal-Normal-Normal-Normal
> _second case:_  Normal-Normal-*NA*-*NA*-*NA-NA*-*NA*-*NA*-*NA*
> In the first case I would like to treat the NA state in the same way 
> than the following state, and in the second case the NA state is 
> correct, and I can consider it like a outing of the policy than i study.
> In your mind, their is possibilities with TraMineR to do this? In the 
> seqdef function, can I specify a rule like it? May be in defining the 
> labels and the codes? Can I change a state in a trajectory with a 
> logical function?
> I don't know if I'm clear, and i sorry for my bad English,
> thanking you in advance,
> -- 
> Elie Chosson,
> Doctorant contractuel,
> Centre de Recherche en Économie de Grenoble (CREG)
> Bureau 513
> BP 47 - 38040 Grenoble Cedex 9
> tel: 04 76 82 59 89 / 06 43 70 99 29
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