[Traminer-users] How to treat in different ways different types of missing values?

Elie Chosson elie.chosson at upmf-grenoble.fr
Fri Sep 21 11:04:48 CEST 2012

Hello, dear TraMineR's users!

I'm preparing my Ph.D in economy, and I use for it R and the TraMineR 
package. It's a powerful, useful and very nice tool!
I work on the trajectories of the recipients of the french "Revenu de 
Solidarité Active". I have almost 2000 trajectories in my data frame, 
and my data cover 9 quarter.

My problem is the next:
I have some missing values, but with a sens which is not all times the same:
1. first case: when a missing value for a quarter is between two normal 
values for the previous and next quarter.
2. second case: a missing value for a quarter is followed by missing 
values for all the next quarters.

_first case:_       
_second case:_  Normal-Normal-*NA*-*NA*-*NA-NA*-*NA*-*NA*-*NA*

In the first case I would like to treat the NA state in the same way 
than the following state, and in the second case the NA state is 
correct, and I can consider it like a outing of the policy than i study.

In your mind, their is possibilities with TraMineR to do this? In the 
seqdef function, can I specify a rule like it? May be in defining the 
labels and the codes? Can I change a state in a trajectory with a 
logical function?

I don't know if I'm clear, and i sorry for my bad English,

thanking you in advance,

Elie Chosson,
Doctorant contractuel,
Centre de Recherche en Économie de Grenoble (CREG)
Bureau 513
BP 47 - 38040 Grenoble Cedex 9

tel: 04 76 82 59 89 / 06 43 70 99 29

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