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Alexis Gabadinho Alexis.Gabadinho at unige.ch
Tue Sep 11 15:00:34 CEST 2012

Hi Vasco,

I just discovered that there exists a possible solution, at least if you 
don't have too many states. You can use the "density" and "angle" 
standard R options, as in the example below. The "density" argument is 
for the density of the lines, you can use either a single value or a 
vector with at most one value for each state (in the example I use only 
three different densities,which are repeated), and "angle" is for the 
angle of the lines, and you can also use either a single value or a 
vector as in the example.

You will have to plot the legend separately, by using "withlegend=FALSE" 
for seqdplot and then seqlegend with the same "density" and "angle" 


## creating the sequence object

mvad.alphabet <- c("employment", "FE", "HE", "joblessness", "school", "training")
mvad.labels <- c("employment", "further education", "higher education", "joblessness", "school", "training")
mvad.scodes <- c("EM", "FE", "HE", "JL", "SC", "TR")
mvad.seq <- seqdef(mvad, 17:86, alphabet = mvad.alphabet, states = mvad.scodes, labels = mvad.labels, xtstep = 6)

## Plotting
seqdplot(mvad.seq, density=c(20,30,40), angle=c(30,60,90,120,150,180), withlegend=F)
seqlegend(mvad.seq, density=c(20,30,40), angle=c(30,60,90,120,150,180))

Best regards,

Le 11. 09. 12 14:47, Vasco Miguel dos Santos Ramos a écrit :
> Hi All, my first question here.
> I have been using TraMineR for about 2 years now and it works fine.
> Right now I have a publisher that wants us to use black and white 
> graphs for a seqdplot.
> Up to now I used only the colors in the palette (with mypal, etc..)
> I have tried different combinations of black, white and shades of 
> grey. But it's not perfect.
> Another solution would be to use dots against white, line against 
> white, symbols, etc.
> But I simply don't know how to do it. I am not an expert user of R, i 
> have used almost only TraMineR.
> Is it possible to do a seqdplot in the way that I described?
> Regards
> Vasco
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