[Traminer-users] selecting indiviudals after or before seqdef

Alexis Gabadinho Alexis.Gabadinho at unige.ch
Fri Jan 13 14:27:55 CET 2012

Dear Hadrien,

You can select rows of sequence object using subscripts. The following 
example first creates a sequence object for the whole mvad data set and 
then creates separate sequence objects for males and females using the 
"male" variable in the mvad data frame.

mvad.seq <- seqdef(mvad, 17:86)

mvad.male.seq <- mvad.seq[mvad$male=="yes",]

mvad.female.seq <- mvad.seq[mvad$male=="no",]

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Best regards,

Le 12. 01. 12 11:18, Hadrien Commenges a écrit :
> Hi,
> I've a sample of let's say 10.000 individuals and I want to work on 
> subsamples (subsample of women, of students, etc.) with TraMineR. I'd 
> like to know if it's possible to create a stslist object with seqdef 
> for the whole sample (10.000) and make my selections on this object 
> afterwards (in my workflow this would be more efficient), or do I have 
> to create subsamples before using seqdef function ?
> Thanks,
> Hadrien
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