[Traminer-users] Seqplots with multiple different states

Matthias Studer Matthias.Studer at unige.ch
Mon Jun 14 17:17:02 CEST 2010

Hi Philippe,

As far as I know, there are no simple solution to do that in R and if 
you find any solution I would be really interested. One workaround  is 
to edit your plot with Gimp (or another software) and replace each color 
by a pattern.

I'm not sure that the following solution is what you are looking for but 
it might help. A least, type="d" and type="i" use barplot in the 
backside and you may use the "density" and "angle" argument to get 
different patterns. However, this is limited to filling the bars with 
lines with different "densities" and "angles"

biofam.lab <- c("Parent", "Left", "Married", "Left+Marr",
  "Child", "Left+Child", "Left+Marr+Child", "Divorced")
biofam.seq <- seqdef(biofam, 10:25, labels=biofam.lab)

## Biofam has 8 states, automatically generating 8 densities and 8 angles
seqplot(biofam.seq, type="d", density=1:8*2, angle=1:8*25)

Hope this help,

PS: There is a website to search in almost all R websites and 
mailing-lists: http://www.rseek.org/

Le 11.06.2010 16:38, Philippe Blanchard a écrit :
> Hi all
> A question that does not directly depend on TraMineR, but that might 
> find an answer on the list.
> I need to publish multiple-sequence plots (the kind that come out 
> nicely with full colors, see link to my report on TraMineR's page) in 
> a B&W review. The plots are composed of between 20 and 40 different 
> states, organized in families of sequences made of 5 to 12 states 
> each. Families do not all work as scales, that could be clearly 
> represented by progressive grey shades. I would like the reader to be 
> able to distinguish from each other, both families, and sequences 
> inside families, without getting a headache.
> I have searched for answers on different R websites and R books, no 
> way. I can't imagine that no function could chart with stripes, 
> symbols or figures combined with grey shades.
> Thanks
> Philippe
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