[Rprotobuf-yada] RProtoBuf - OSX version on CRAN built with old version

Jonathon Love jon at thon.cc
Tue May 17 03:45:35 CEST 2016

hi folks,

the new 0.4.3 version of RProtoBuf for OSX on CRAN is built using an 
older version of Protocol Buffers (possibly 2.5) than the 0.4.2 which 
was built with 2.6. this results in a body of my code no longer working.

i suspect it has something to do with the new R build platform for R 3.3

does anyone here have any connection with the build process of RProtoBuf 
for OSX on CRAN? i've tried a few other avenues, but they've all come up 
empty. i also thought posting here would clue people into potential 
problems they might have in the future.

here is a version of RProtoBuf with a test which demonstrates the issue:


with thanks


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