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Hey Dirk and Romain,
Attached is my patch to rprotobuf revision 392 so that protobuf bytes objects 
are represented by R raws (or lists of raws if it is a repeated field).
Note that if you assign a raw vector to a repeated bytes field it only adds a 
single element. To add multiple elements you have to assign a list of raws.
I did some ad hoc testing so far but nothing rigorous yet. Also not sure how 
this impacts the unitTests...

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On 11 September 2010 at 10:00, eckuipers-web at yahoo.com wrote:
| OK I will give the patch a try. 


| I am unfamiliar with Rcpp so not sure how of much help i can be...

We do help on the rcpp-dev list which has more readers.  And Rcpp is more
versatile so you had to learn that anyway ;-)


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