[Rprotobuf-yada] lots of updates

Romain François francoisromain at free.fr
Wed Nov 4 18:07:51 CET 2009


Back from the connectionless couple of days in london. I've commited 
lots of updates to the package.

- mutators are now fully working, with all types: primitives, enums, 
- "update" method
- "new" takes care of the ... which is used to fill the message (using 
- "clone" method to clone a message
- "with" method so that we can evaluate an expression "with" a message
- "has" method to indicate if a message has a given field set
- "as.list" method
- more completions

It's all documented.

I've updated the version to 0.0-3 as well.

Here is the TODO file that I've commited :

* finalizers
* serialize/parse messages from/to connections
* unit testing
* vignette
* what to do when unload the package
* useR abstract
* useR presentation

Now, what we really need is ability to serialize and parse these 
messages from streams, preferably R connections. Does one of you have an 
idea about streaming these messages in and out ?

We need to use these C++ methods of the Message class:

bool ParseFromIstream(istream * input)
bool SerializeToOstream(ostream * output) const

meaning we need to create istream and ostream based on R connections.


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