[Rcpp-devel] R Session Sometimes Aborts

Alexander Ilich ailich at mail.usf.edu
Mon Dec 13 17:14:34 CET 2021

Hi, I'm upgrading one of my R packages to rely on the terra package instead
of the raster package for the handling of spatial raster data. Previously
when relying on the raster package I had to convert the data to a matrix
and send it to C++ to loop through the cells manually, but with the new
features in the terra package I can supply a C++ function that returns
multiple values directly to terra::focalCpp to perform focal operations
I get the same values using both the old and new versions of the functions,
but the new version often causes the R session to abort, especially at
larger window sizes. For example, a 3x3 or a 3x5 window seems to always
run, but a 3x7 window will often cause the R session to abort. However,
when it doesn't, I get the correct values. Functions followed by 2 are the
terra versions of the function. By commenting out things and rebuilding I
was able to determine the line that causes the crash in the terra version
is "NumericMatrix curr_GLCM = C_make_glcm(curr_window, n_levels, shift,
na_opt); //Tabulate the GLCM"; however, this line is also included in the
raster version of the function so I'm not sure why this would happen. Any
help would be greatly appreciated. Here is the github repository
<https://github.com/ailich/GLCMTextures/tree/terra>, and I've added some
sample code below to illustrate the issue.


install.packages('raster', repos='https://rspatial.r-universe.dev')
#install development version of raster
install.packages('terra', repos='https://rspatial.r-universe.dev') #install
development version of terra

remotes::install_github("ailich/GLCMTextures", ref = "terra") #Install
branch of my package testing terra versions of functions


r1a<- raster::raster(volcano)
r2a<- glcm_textures(r1a, w=c(3,7), n_levels = 16, quantization = "equal
prob", shift=c(0,1))

r1b<- terra::rast(volcano)
r2b<- glcm_textures2(r1b, w=c(3,7), n_levels = 16, quantization = "equal
prob", shift=c(0,1)) #Often leads to Rsession Aborted

all.equal(values(r2a),values(r2b)) #TRUE

#System Information
#OS: Windows 10
# platform       x86_64-w64-mingw32
# arch           x86_64
# os             mingw32
# system         x86_64, mingw32
# status
# major          4
# minor          0.4
# year           2021
# month          02
# day            15
# svn rev        80002
# language       R
# version.string R version 4.0.4 (2021-02-15)
# nickname       Lost Library Book

# ‘1.5.2’
# ‘3.5.10’
# ‘1.0.7’
# ‘’
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