[Rcpp-devel] Rcpp::plugins - Unwinding protection

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd at debian.org
Thu Dec 2 22:22:21 CET 2021

On 2 December 2021 at 17:48, IƱaki Ucar wrote:
| My simulation package makes heavy use of calls to R user functions from a
| C++ simulation loop, and therefore greatly benefits from this feature too,
| which I think we should promote to default.

I agree and believe I looked into it once before -- but found 'shrapnel' from
other packages being affected. We are eight months into the (simpler !!)
transition to default to STRICT_R_HEADERS which will go in with Rcpp 1.0.8 in
January (and yay, yesterday brought several updates, so my thanks to
everybody who folded patches or PRs I sent in and uploaded; current score is
now 70 out 92 done, see https://github.com/RcppCore/Rcpp/issues/1158 )

So maybe in 2022...

| Meanwhile, take a look at this
| Makevars file to see how to activate it:
| https://github.com/r-simmer/simmer/blob/master/src/Makevars



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