[Rcpp-devel] Linking R package to a static library(For testing) resulting compilation failure

Akhila Chowdary Kolla akhilakollasrinu424jf at gmail.com
Sat Mar 21 19:31:25 CET 2020


I am trying to link the Rcpp package with "deepstate" which is a static
library helps us fuzz test the functions in the Rcpp package.

TestHarness.cpp file creates a test harness using TEST(). Test harness file
in RcppDeepState/src/TestHarness.cpp has code to test the function in

I tried compiling the code TestHarness.cpp and used -ldeepstate to a link
it to deepstate using :

*clang++ -o TestRcppharness TestRcppharness.cpp  -I"/usr/share/R/include"
-I"/usr/lib/R/site-library/Rcpp/include" -ldeepstate*

But this does nothing and keeps throwing *static assertion failed: cannot
convert type to SEXP error.*

Below code: DeepState_Test class generates random numeric, Integer vectors
and later passing those inputs to the rcpp_binseg_normal(random numeric
vector, random Integer vector)



#include <deepstate/DeepState.hpp>

#include "rcpp_interface.h"

#include <Rcpp.h>

using namespace Rcpp;

using namespace deepstate;

class DeepState_Test{


    Rcpp::NumericVector NumericRand_vec;

    Rcpp::NumericVector values;

    Rcpp::IntegerVector IntegerRand_vec;

 Rcpp::NumericVector Missing_values(){

    values = Rcpp::NumericVector::create(NA_REAL,R_NaN,R_PosInf,R_NegInf);

    return values;


Rcpp::NumericVector RcppDeepState_NumericVector()


    int num_vector_size = DeepState_RandInt();

    NumericRand_vec = new NumericVector[num_vector_size];

    for(int i=0; i< num_vector_size; i++){


            [&] {

                NumericRand_vec[i] = DeepState_Double();


            [&] {

                    NumericRand_vec[i] =



        return (NumericRand_vec);


Rcpp::IntegerVector RcppDeepState_IntegerVector(){

    int int_vector_size = DeepState_RandInt();

   IntegerRand_vec = new IntegerVector[int_vector_size];

    for(int i=0; i< int_vector_size; i++){


            [&] {

                IntegerRand_vec[i] = DeepState_Int();


            [&] {

                IntegerRand_vec[i] =



        return IntegerRand_vec;



TEST(Random_Set, Ranges) {

        DeepState_Test *deeptest= new DeepState_Test();

        Rcpp::NumericVector data_vec =

        Rcpp::IntegerVector max_segments =

        //call to function in rcpp_interface



function in rcpp_interface.cpp :

#include <Rcpp.h>

#include <R.h>

#include "binseg_normal.h"

#include "binseg_normal_cost.h"

// [[Rcpp::export]]

Rcpp::List rcpp_binseg_normal

(const Rcpp::NumericVector data_vec,

 const Rcpp::IntegerVector max_segments) {

  int kmax = max_segments[0];

  Rcpp::IntegerVector end(kmax);

  Rcpp::NumericVector loss(kmax);

  Rcpp::NumericVector before_mean(kmax);

  Rcpp::NumericVector after_mean(kmax);

  Rcpp::IntegerVector before_size(kmax);

  Rcpp::IntegerVector after_size(kmax);

  Rcpp::IntegerVector invalidates_index(kmax);

  Rcpp::IntegerVector invalidates_after(kmax);

  int status = binseg_normal

    (&data_vec[0], data_vec.size(), kmax,

     //inputs above, outputs below.

     &end[0], &loss[0],

     &before_mean[0], &after_mean[0],

     &before_size[0], &after_size[0],

     &invalidates_index[0], &invalidates_after[0]);

  if(status == ERROR_NO_DATA){

    Rcpp::stop("no data");


  if(status == ERROR_NO_SEGMENTS){

    Rcpp::stop("no segments");


  if(status == ERROR_TOO_MANY_SEGMENTS){

    Rcpp::stop("too many segments");


  return Rcpp::List::create

    (Rcpp::Named("loss", loss),

     Rcpp::Named("end", end),

     Rcpp::Named("before.mean", before_mean),

     Rcpp::Named("after.mean", after_mean),

     Rcpp::Named("before.size", before_size),

     Rcpp::Named("after.size", after_size),

     Rcpp::Named("invalidates.index", invalidates_index),

     Rcpp::Named("invalidates.after", invalidates_after)

     ) ;


 *How can I compile Rcpp package or src/*.cpp files to get an executable
and linking a static library to it while it is being compiled.*

 *How can I generate an executable Rcpp package using the command
line(command) by linking deep state library instead of generating a
RcppDeepState.so(not an executable) file dynamically using (R CMD INSTALL


Akhila Chowdary
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