[Rcpp-devel] RCPP Issue with nonunicode User characters

John O'Shea oshea54321 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 6 22:13:40 CET 2019

Hello, forgive me in advance as I am not familiar with R developing or the
more technical side of R usage and programming in general. I have had a
professor of mine request I use the Rcpp package to rewrite a function in
R, but I have been running into issues with any usage of the Rcpp package.
My reddit post and a response can be found here

The user that replied believes that calling on any function from Rcpp
"chokes" on the temporary file path made using my Windows username, as it
contains both a space and an apostrophe and may be a bug. How do I resolve
this issue?

Thanks so much!
-John O'Shea
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