[Rcpp-devel] Package Submission Barred by Pedantic

Nicholas Rittler rittlern at uchicago.edu
Wed Oct 31 05:52:28 CET 2018

In attempting to submit a package to CRAN, I'm receiving the following

warning: ISO C++ prohibits anonymous structs [-Wpedantic]

I obviously would like to get rid of this warning and get the package on
CRAN. I now know that CRAN doesn't set pendantic, however, the following is
the makevars.win the package is currently using, in it's entirety:


I don't see where this is setting pendantic either. Is it possible it's a
default local setting on my end? If so, is there some flag that can be
passed in the makevars file that will not generate warnings about
non-portable code and will make sure pedantic is not set?

Thanks all for the time of day.
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