[Rcpp-devel] Large size of libs directory on some systems

Dean Bodenham deanbodenhambsse at gmail.com
Fri Nov 25 12:41:44 CET 2016


I have written an R package using Rcpp that has recently been accepted to
CRAN. However, on a few systems the installed size ("libs" directory) is
much larger than on other systems, which leads to a couple of NOTEs:

Here is an example of this discrepancy that I have observed on two (of my
own) machines:

Operating system            |   Size
OSX 10.10.5                 |  1.1 MB
Ubuntu 16.04 (Linux Mint 18)|  9.0 MB

Has anyone seen this problem before?

The package should survive with the NOTEs, but it would be good to fix it
if possible.

[Although the various (test) systems on CRAN use different versions of the
compiler(s), which may affect things, I realise it is more likely that I
have made a mistake when writing/structuring the code.]

Many thanks in advance,
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