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Balamuta, James Joseph balamut2 at illinois.edu
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Greetings and Salutations Ben and Christian,

This issue has been addressed! In fact, Dirk beat me to it by a few minutes.  See


Alas, the updated version has yet to be pushed to CRAN due to the monthly update policy. If I had to guess, this noisy deprecated warning should be resolved sometime between now and next week as the timing is in alignment for the cadence of a monthly release for RcppArmadillo.



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Using the amazingly useful


I get a bunch of compiler warnings (copied in full below); the crux seems
to be

typename T1::elem_type = double; arma::uword = unsigned int]? is deprecated

   I could dig in and try to fix this myself but feel like it might be a
deep rabbit hole for me ...  This is not critical, but it would
certainly be nice to have my code compile clean.

  (I'm happy to report this elsewhere if there is a more appropriate venue.)

Good to hear it's been useful. I'll plan to take a look and clean it up this weekend.

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