[Rcpp-devel] Rcpp packages that use Boost.Geometry?

Robi Ragan robi.ragan at sjsu.edu
Thu Feb 20 18:31:22 CET 2014

Hello list,

Is anyone aware of an R package that uses Rcpp and Boost.Geometry?

I am looking for examples to learn from rather than asking many questions

I am trying to write custom as<>() and wrap() converters for the most
common input and output geometry types used in that library.

An example of the use would be:

To use boost::geometry::convex_hull() to take in an n x 2 R matrix find the
convex hull and return an m x 2 R matrix.

I realize there are many ways to find the convex hull of a set in R. I just
used that as an example (and one where I can easily check my code)

I have indeed looked at:




But as I am primarily an R programer the Cpp knowledge needed to bride the
gap between the Boost.Geometry documentation and the examples provided in
the Rcpp docs is just not there. 

So I thought I would ask if there was an existing package that used Boost.Geometry so I could see an example.

Thanks for any help you can provide,

Robi Ragan
Assistant Professor of Economics
San Jose State University

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