[Rcpp-devel] Error Qt C++, RInside

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd at debian.org
Fri Dec 26 15:35:15 CET 2014

On 26 December 2014 at 20:46, Jodi Jhouranda Siregar wrote:
| the code is same as what you give in qt and c++ example, i just follow it step
| by step. and i got those errors.

Please take a moment and read the email I sent earlier.  I have the feeling
you are not answering the question I asked you there.

You are linking the wrong way.  

If you don't know what that means, please do 

    cd inst/examples/qt

which I just did (Ubuntu 14.10) and it still worked, as it has pretty much
every day since this was first written, several Ubuntu releases and Rcpp +
RInside versions ago.


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