[Rcpp-devel] extend to cover exporting non-reference S4 objects?

Greg Minshall minshall at umich.edu
Fri Mar 8 06:29:21 CET 2013


thanks for the reply.  i'll think about Nice Additions as i become more
familiar with the magic of Rcpp.  i would guess, since reference classes
can make it, so can pass-by-value S4 objects.

> In general, though, it helps to remember that we have to play the hand
> we've been dealt.  This is R, and we have precisely _one_ interface
> via .Call:

>     SEXP someFunc(SEXP a, SEXP b, SEXP c, ....)

> and there are limits as to what a SEXP can be.  

by hand, i can pass and return S4 objects.  i.e., they seem to fit in
the SEXP structure (**).  so, i'd guess that (with a possibly unbounded
amount of coding ;-) software could do the same.

cheers, Greg

** would it be helpful to people if i posted an example?  actually, my
"test5.cc" i just posted gives the basic template, other than the case
of *passing* a list of some S4 object class.

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