[Rcpp-devel] constructors taking the same number of arguments

Greg Minshall minshall at umich.edu
Fri Mar 8 06:21:51 CET 2013

hi.  the Rcpp-modules document, section 2.2.2, mentions that one can
write a routine to disambiguate between different constructors taking
the same number of arguments.

i wonder, in the case one has *not* provided such a disambiguator, would
it be possible to offer up an error message, maybe at compile time?
(and point the programmer at the relevant document.)

attached is a test case which compiles, but gets a runtime error   it
took me a bit of head scratching, compiling Rcpp with debug symbols so i
could follow the action, etc.

(in *this* case, the specific error message is: "Error: not an S4

cheers, Greg
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