[Rcpp-devel] linking fail when building examples of my local copy of Rcpp gallery (windows)

Robin Girard robin.girard at mines-paristech.fr
Sat Apr 20 23:51:44 CEST 2013

Dear Dirk, "[... tl;dr...]" then no need to extend for now :) because : 

-- Previous messages contain my problem (not a reproducing example unfortunately) and a solution (a poor solution I admit, using RStudio) if other need it. Also I'm available for clarification of this solution if other need it even if I don't think this is the case.
-- And yes you are right a path toward a better solution would be to do a real reproducing example (that where you know exactly all the state variable of your system, which compiler you use, ... ) and hence check my path properly as suggested by John and Hadley. But there are things I will do later (e.g. I don't have the last R version...) properly hopefully !

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On 17 April 2013 at 23:36, Robin Girard wrote:
[... tl;dr...]

That is still not a reproducible example, and still have have no idea what
your actual problem _with Rcpp_ is.  


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