[Rcpp-devel] Rcpp and CUDA

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd at debian.org
Thu Feb 2 17:03:37 CET 2012

Hi Chris,

R-Forge mailing lists were still down but I got Stefan to fix that.

On 1 February 2012 at 07:15, Chris DuBois wrote:
| Hi all,
| Does anybody know where I might find an example of using CUDA with Rcpp?  

Mark (CC'ed) has a forthcoming CRAN package that you should be able to use as
a stanza.
| I've looked around the internet a bit (and on this list), but have yet to find
| too much.  I saw some discussion on optimizing a 2d convolution, but only
| references to the possibility of using CUDA.  I've also been using Dirk's
| OpenMP example in Rcpp/examples.
| I'm trying to gauge how hard this would be before I spend too much time down
| this route.  My objects that need to be shared may be too large for this
| approach.

Yes, devel is in the detail, but I think this is very worthwhile road to take
for further advances.  And I think this is a good venue to discuss it...

| Any advice greatly appreciated.
| Chris
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