[Rcpp-devel] cmake

Richard Downe richard-downe at uiowa.edu
Fri Dec 14 23:17:03 CET 2012

I'll do that.

I may use JJ's stuff as a starting point as well, but I'll look at the 
RInside stuff and drop Peter a line as appropriate.

It may also be worthwhile to talk to the cmake project, and see if 
they'd be interested in including whatever we to put together, so that 
cmake would by default know where R/Rcpp are (after all, the list of 
both paths and linker flags is extremely small and simple, and unlikely 
to change -- the primary upshot of having cmake support is that it means 
CMakeLists.txt doesn't have to be edited when building on a different 
os/os-flavour, and therefore packages using cmake are more deployable).

On 12/14/2012 02:19 PM, Dirk Eddelbuettel wrote:
> On 14 December 2012 at 13:51, Richard Downe wrote:
> | I use cmake for all my makefile generation.  I realize there are other
> | good tools out there; cmake meets my needs rather well, and I'm happy
> | with it.
> |
> | Most libraries I use in my development (cgal, python, perl, swig,
> | vtk/itk, etc) are supported by FindXXX.cmake files that make dependency
> | location/comprehension trivial.
> |
> | R is the only library I use at the moment that lacks this.  I was
> | wondering if
> | a) any other rcpp user has ever taken the time to write such a thing and/or
> | b) if there are other cmake users out there who might be interested in
> | seeing a FindR.cmake/FindRcpp.cmake combination to make building rcpp
> | based modules with other dependencies simpler.
> You may want to talk to Peter Aberline (CC'ed) who has not only contributed
> but also maintained a set of CMake files for the various examples/ in the
> sibbling RInside package.
> As we do with RInside, I'd be open to distributing something within Rcpp,
> provided everybody understands that as long as I don't use it I won't test as
> much with it etc pp.  But that should be more like other Makefile or our
> inline plugins and CxxFlags() functions -- once built, it will probably last
> a while without changes.
> Dirk
> |
> | I realize this falls outside the standard build methods for R (I use a
> | perl script for my 'configure' file, and have this script invoke cmake
> | on my behalf), but I still find it rather useful, and thought others
> | might as well.
> | -rd
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