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Dirk Eddelbuettel edd at debian.org
Fri Dec 14 21:19:01 CET 2012

On 14 December 2012 at 13:51, Richard Downe wrote:
| I use cmake for all my makefile generation.  I realize there are other 
| good tools out there; cmake meets my needs rather well, and I'm happy 
| with it.
| Most libraries I use in my development (cgal, python, perl, swig, 
| vtk/itk, etc) are supported by FindXXX.cmake files that make dependency 
| location/comprehension trivial.
| R is the only library I use at the moment that lacks this.  I was 
| wondering if
| a) any other rcpp user has ever taken the time to write such a thing and/or
| b) if there are other cmake users out there who might be interested in 
| seeing a FindR.cmake/FindRcpp.cmake combination to make building rcpp 
| based modules with other dependencies simpler.

You may want to talk to Peter Aberline (CC'ed) who has not only contributed
but also maintained a set of CMake files for the various examples/ in the
sibbling RInside package.

As we do with RInside, I'd be open to distributing something within Rcpp,
provided everybody understands that as long as I don't use it I won't test as
much with it etc pp.  But that should be more like other Makefile or our
inline plugins and CxxFlags() functions -- once built, it will probably last
a while without changes.


| I realize this falls outside the standard build methods for R (I use a 
| perl script for my 'configure' file, and have this script invoke cmake 
| on my behalf), but I still find it rather useful, and thought others 
| might as well.
| -rd
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