[Rcpp-devel] release 0.7.1 ?

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd at debian.org
Fri Jan 1 18:13:03 CET 2010

On 1 January 2010 at 09:35, Romain François wrote:
| Hello,
| I've commited the two last items I wanted to commit into the new API:
| - protect has been reworded to preserve to avoid confusion with 
| PROTECT/UNPROTECT. I might add protect/unprotect methods later to allow 


| - I've removed many constructors RObject::RObject and replaced them with 
| the set of functions Rcpp::wrap, taking the same arguments and returning 
| instances of RObject. The idea is that these constructors do not pollute 
| classes that inherit from RObject, and also later when we have a more 
| complete API, we can have for example
| Rcpp::Double Rcpp::wrap( const double& d )
| Double being an extension of RObject dealing specifically with double 
| vectors, in which we'll have for example operator[] and iterators so 
| that we can apply STL algorithms to R vectors.
| but before that we need to release.
| Are you happy with Rcpp::wrap or should it be something else. I do not 
| mind, but we need to decide before we release. To reduce typing it does 
| not even need to be in the Rcpp namespace.

I haven't had a time to look at it in detail. It is sleek in the example I
just adapted to illustrate namespaces.  But what I dislike is that just
yesterday I managed to get back to the example from the Dec 20 blog post:

        int seed = RcppSexp(s).asInt();

That worked with the typedef.  I think that we owe "our users" more constant
behaviour in released interface.  Right now wrap() replaces this (and is
arguably nicer) -- but should we not keep the old stuff? 

| Also, maybe the typedef RcppSexp is not good enough anymore, should I 
| recreate a class RcppSexp with all constructors to keep backwards 
| compatibility.

Ahhh yes. Had I read your email to the end before starting to reply ... :)

I think we should, even though it is code bloat.  But we introduced RcppSexp,
so now we are 'stuck' with it.  Can you whip the old interface back in?

| I'm starting to work on what will go in 0.7.2 but I won't commit until 
| release.

Ok. There is no chance you will ever stop will you?


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