[Rcpp-devel] release 0.7.1 ?

Romain François francoisromain at free.fr
Fri Jan 1 09:35:21 CET 2010


I've commited the two last items I wanted to commit into the new API:

- protect has been reworded to preserve to avoid confusion with 
PROTECT/UNPROTECT. I might add protect/unprotect methods later to allow 

- I've removed many constructors RObject::RObject and replaced them with 
the set of functions Rcpp::wrap, taking the same arguments and returning 
instances of RObject. The idea is that these constructors do not pollute 
classes that inherit from RObject, and also later when we have a more 
complete API, we can have for example

Rcpp::Double Rcpp::wrap( const double& d )

Double being an extension of RObject dealing specifically with double 
vectors, in which we'll have for example operator[] and iterators so 
that we can apply STL algorithms to R vectors.

but before that we need to release.

Are you happy with Rcpp::wrap or should it be something else. I do not 
mind, but we need to decide before we release. To reduce typing it does 
not even need to be in the Rcpp namespace.

Also, maybe the typedef RcppSexp is not good enough anymore, should I 
recreate a class RcppSexp with all constructors to keep backwards 

I'm starting to work on what will go in 0.7.2 but I won't commit until 


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