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Jombart, Thibaut J X t.jombart at imperial.ac.uk
Sun Jan 18 20:31:18 CET 2009

Hi list,

though I have been out for a while, and therefore disconnected from all current concerns, I have found (with the help of Ben) some dumb task that needed attention.

I renamed functions in phylobase (just in /pkg, not in branches) as follows:
from  ->  to
attach_data    attachData
check_data    checkData
check_phylo4    checkPhylo4
check_tree    checkTree
getedges    getEdge
hasSingles    hasSingle

There are other items in the tracker submitted by Ben:

As François, I prefer nNodes, nTips and nEdges to stay plurial, so I leaved these as they were. Same thing for all 'labels' stuff (e.g. hasNodeLabels).

If there are other renaming to do, please let me know.


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