[Phylobase-devl] phylobase question

Ben Bolker bolker at zoo.ufl.edu
Fri Nov 7 19:33:27 CET 2008

  The quick answer is ... "sort of".  We do intend to put phylobase
on CRAN soon -- we need to sort out some issues with building the
nexus-reading library part of it on 64-bit linux machines.  I think
the functions are pretty stable ...


Andrew Hipp wrote:
> Dear Ben,
> Belated congratulations on your R book! I'm waiting until the first of
> the year to buy myself a copy... it looks great!
> I had a question on phylobase, viz., how stable are the functions at
> this point? and how soon will it be out? I'm working on a package right
> now that could either lean on ape only or on ape + phylobase, and I'd
> rather do the latter if the latter is stable and coming out soon for
> public consumption, b/c the nexus reading is smoother and tree traversal
> functions are nice. I just don't want to write something that no one can
> use unless they know how to go get phylobase and install from a local
> drive (which I know isn't tricky, but you know how people are with R).
> I hope you are doing well and enjoying the semester. Take care, and
> thanks for your time.
> Andrew
> Andrew L. Hipp, PhD
> Plant Systematist and Herbarium Curator
> The Morton Arboretum
> 4100 Illinois Route 53
> Lisle, IL  60532-1293
> ahipp at mortonarb.org
> (630) 725-2094
> http://redwood.mortonarb.org/lab_pages/hipp

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