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Steven Kembel steve.kembel at gmail.com
Wed Dec 24 03:24:11 CET 2008


It seems like value is being assigned to nodes in edge matrix order by  
nodeLabels <- foo. Not sure why this is happening, might be a S4 thing  
since nodeLabels is trying to pass the phylo4 object and the nodeLabel  
values to labels inside a method and this might not work. Found the  
following, I think I need to go read Chambers to understand how to fix:


On Dec 23, 2008, at 6:50 PM, François Michonneau wrote:

> I just commited a new replace method for labels (for: tip, node,
> allnode). I then used this function inside nodeLabels but for some
> reason the order of the label doesn't come out the same. Compare the
> output of the code below. If someone knows what's going on, feel  
> free to
> fix it.
> ## Correct behavior the nodes are named in order
> data(geospiza)
> labels(geospiza, "node") <- paste("N", 1:nNodes(geospiza), sep="")
> ## Incorrect behavior the root is named last
> data(geospiza)
> nodeLabels(geospiza) <- paste("N", 1:nNodes(geospiza), sep="")
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