[Phylobase-devl] misc.

Steven Kembel steve.kembel at gmail.com
Wed Dec 3 20:47:59 CET 2008

Hi all,

>  * chat on the list about a deadline and milestones needed
> for a CRAN release?  (My votes: merged plotting code, all known
> bugs fixed [I don't actually think that would be hard], node-labeling
> scheme updated).
>  * have one or more additional conference calls?

Discussing this on the list or in a conference call would be great. I  
think we are in pretty good shape for most of these things.
-plotting code should be a straightforward merge of the summer of code  
branch into trunk
-I think most of the bugs listed on the tracker have actually been  
fixed, there are a few functions that need some more work or should be  
taken out for now (i.e. tdata[x,y] <- foo). Thanks for fixing the  
compilation issues Ben, phylobase compiles cleanly now on x64 linux  
and mac. I will go through the list of bugs/feature requests on R- 
Forge and try to clean out the requests that have been dealt with. If  
others have fixed bugs/feature requests go ahead and change their  
status to resolved.
-The node-labeling scheme has been updated already unless there were  
further changes needed.

>  * an ambitious plan: have a "virtual hackathon" sometime
> between now and mid-January, where we all agree to the best
> of our abilities to spend the same day or two investing
> a significant amount of hacking time ... we could have
> one or two 'plenary sessions' a day and do Skype/chat
> in between ... what do you think?

This sounds like a great idea, I'd be interested, will have some time  
over the 'holidays' to work on this. What are people's schedules like  
- would a brief call sometime in the next few weeks work?


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