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Javier Nori javiernori at gmail.com
Fri Aug 23 19:23:35 CEST 2013

Dear all!

I am new with Biomod. I'm trying to perform an ensemble between results of
five algorithms ('MARS','GAM','GBM', 'MAXENT', 'GLM', 'FDA'), using
Pres-PAbs data. I have not problems to generate and project the results of
the individual models. However probably i'am making a mistake in the
emsemble of them or in the projection' script because I cannot generate the
rasters of the ensemble. In addition, I cannot obtain the values of the
evaluation index of the ensemble (*Error: Error in (function (classes,
fdef, mtable)  :   unable to find an inherited method for function
‘getModelsEvaluations’ for signature ‘"BIOMOD.EnsembleModeling.out"’*)

Could anyone help me please?

Thanks in advance!!

below I attached the scripts for projection and ensemble
myBiomodEM <- BIOMOD_EnsembleModeling(
modeling.output = myBiomodModelOut,
chosen.models = 'all',
eval.metric = c('ROC'),
eval.metric.quality.threshold = c(0.8),
prob.mean = T,
prob.cv = T,
prob.ci = T,
prob.ci.alpha = 0.05,
prob.median = T,
committee.averaging = T,
prob.mean.weight = T,
prob.mean.weight.decay = 'proportional' )

myBiomodProj <- BIOMOD_Projection(
modeling.output = myBiomodModelOut,
new.env = myExpl,
proj.name = 'current',
selected.models = 'all',
binary.meth = 'TSS',
filtered.meth ='TSS',
cmpress = 'gzip',
clamping.mask = T,
output.format = '.img')

Javier Nori

Centro de Zoología Aplicada - F.C.E.F.y.N.
Universidad Nacional de Córdoba

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