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Bruno Lafourcade brunolafourcade at aol.com
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My mistake, I just realised I changed the storing procedure of the output and didn't
mention it in the Manual nor did something convenient with the help file. As it is now,
the naming argument is useless as no object is produced, the output is returned only.

I don't know why I did this (!)
For your trouble and to solve your problem, you simply need to assign the output 
that is returned by the function (it is printed in the R console otherwise) like this

     Bastatus.sre <-  pseudo.abs(coor=biomx[,2:3],status=biomx[,12], strategy=”sre”, ...)

which is easy to use in a loop by the way (maybe why I did this, not sure) by not assigniing
the returned value (a vector) to an object but to a column of a matrix :

mat <- matrix(NA, nc=50)
for(i in 1:50)
mat[ ,i ] <-  pseudo.abs(coor=biomx[,2:3],status=biomx[ ,i ], strategy=”sre”, ...)

I'll keep you informed soon about the fixing of the function, I definitely have to change this.
Many thanks Aaron for mentioning !


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Dear Bruno,
this is the line that I am using

pseudo.abs(coor=biomx[,2:3],status=biomx[,12], strategy=”sre”, env=biomx[,4:11], add.pres=T, nb.points=NULL,species.name=’Bastutus’)

So, I expect a 'Bastutus.sre' object with the new pseudoabsences generated, but i can not find it!

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