[Biomod-commits] Projection Error (sum (ProbData) !=0)

David Roberts drr3 at ualberta.ca
Wed Jun 16 19:31:14 CEST 2010

Greetings all,


I've been playing with BIOMOD for a while and think I have it all sorted
out, but I see that this error has come up before. I'm running a species
projection with all available model types for a total of 21 species. The
first three species run smoothly, but I hit this familiar error:



Projection(Proj=proj, Proj.name='FIAusa', GLM=T, GBM=T, GAM=T, CTA=T, ANN=T,
SRE=T, FDA=T, MARS=T, RF=T, BinRoc=T, BinKappa=T, BinTSS=T, FiltRoc=T,
FiltKappa=T, FiltTSS=T, repetition.models=T)


Output (after listing 3 successful species projections):

Error in if (sum(ProbData) != 0) { :

  missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed


If there's a code setting or otherwise that might be generating this, please
do let me know. Just to clarify, I'm not running an ensemble yet, just a
regular projection. I would normally be scouring my data file for an issue,
but since the first few species run fine, I'm confident that it's clean.


R is running on a 64-bit Linux machine, if that makes any difference.


Thanks everyone!


-          David




David Roberts

PhD Student

Dept. of Renewable Resources

University of Alberta

(780) 492-2540

drr3 at ualberta.ca


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