[Biomod-commits] evaluating results

Pep Serra josep.serra at uab.cat
Wed Nov 4 16:43:35 CET 2009


I run BIOMOD for some species and I obtained these results which are a 
bit difficult to interpret to me:

I am checking AUC and TSS model by model and comparing it to the 
Ensemble modeling approach:


ANN 	0.70566667
CTA 	0.7495
GAM 	0.75466667
GBM 	0.77866667
GLM 	0.7365
MARS 	0.75016667
MDA 	0.69866667
RF 	0.80516667
SRE 	0.436
EF 	0.97055927

I am producing an ensemble forecasting giving weights according to the 
TSS statistic (decay=1.6). For each model I used the cross-validation 
result out of Evaluation.results.Kappa.
Is it possible to obtain a TSS statistic even much better than the best 
model and the best run of the best model (according to TSS)?

Thanx !
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