[Biomod-commits] Model Discrepancies

Christopher A Walter cwalter at usgs.gov
Thu Jul 30 21:47:17 CEST 2009


We have been testing the BIOMOD models against the stand-alone versions in 
R (functions glm, gam, gbm, and randomForest) and while we understand that 
there are many different options for running them, we cannot seem to make 
them match even when trying to equalize the defaults.

 Below are tables of AUC and Somer's rank correlation for two species, ran 
with BIOMOD and the stand-alone models. We are trying to justify using 
BIOMOD, but we cannot explain why it creates such a different output. Any 
thoughts on why this is happening?

All the best


Christopher A. Walter 
Biological Science Technician 
USGS Leetown Science Center 
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Phone: 304 724-4479 

"Its easy not to think when you're not told that much."
    -Justin Pierre
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