[adegenet-forum] Could adegenet be modified to accept allele frequencies as input data?

Mark Coulson Mark.Coulson.ic at uhi.ac.uk
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Hi Angela,

I've done something similar with a data set for ~900,000 SNPs where I only had allele frequencies per each of my 'populations'. I simply imported this as a matrix where each value was the 'A' allele frequency and did my dapc etc from there. Not sure if this will work well given the much larger number of SNPs you have but worth a try.


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Hi there,

My dataset consists of allele frequencies of millions of SNPs for >10 populations (I don't have individual genotype data). adegenet requires individual genotypes as input data, but considering many population genetic tests are based on allele frequencies, I wanted to ask if there is any possibility that adegenet could have a function that accepts population allele frequencies as input data. I am mostly interested on conducting PCA and DAPC tests.


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