[adegenet-forum] Reading a genepop file with adegenet

Robert Fairweather rb951092 at dal.ca
Mon Apr 24 16:32:19 CEST 2017

Dear Forum,
I am having some trouble importing my genepop file into adegenet using the read.genepop function. I have set the ncode argument to 3 to reflect the the character format of my SNP data (eg 001003) but still receive the error "some alleles are not encoded for by three characters"
The error persists even with the default ncode parameter and a two character format used. Missing data is coded for as 000000 (or 0000 in 2 character format) and upon comparison with the nancycats file I cannot see any differences. Are you able to help me out? I have attached the file.
Many thanks,

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