[adegenet-forum] DaPC vs. BAPS results question

Felipe Hernández fhernandeu at uc.cl
Mon Dec 5 15:29:14 CET 2016

Good morning,

I wonder if you may guide me with this question (that may be pretty basic
surely). After a run DaPC analysis using adegenet, I'm usually getting K
between 4 and 5 for my dataset (480 hogs, 59 microsats, 39 sampling sites).
Maximum number of clusters tried are 40. Afterwards, I tried to estimate
number of clusters (spatial clustering by individuals) using another
software (BAPS 6.0), but I got an even higher number of estimated cluster
(K=17), after testing different maximum number of K's (i.e., K=5 through
K=20). Any clue about what's the reason of this? Maybe related to the
maximum number of cluster tested? Or, linkage disequilibrium between some
loci? Sorry if the question is really basic, but I would appreciate any


Felipe Hernández
Médico Veterinario (DVM), MSc.
PhD. Candidate
Interdisciplinary Ecology Program
School of Natural Resources and Environment
Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Department
University of Florida
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