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Hi Mark

I think you identified the problem. genind object keep only polymorphic sites.

You would need to 'repool' your supplementary individuals to make sure loci/alleles match, and then just extract the relevant individuals for the prediction.

Makes sense?


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Hi Thibault,

I am trying to use the pred.sup function to assign ‘test’ individuals against my baseline data. Both baseline and supplementary individuals files load fine in adegenet but when I run the pred.sup function I get the following:

Error in predict.dapc(dapc1, newdata=sup):
                Number of variables in newdata does not match original data.

Looking at the dataframes, the baseline says it’s a matrix of 1800 x 70 (which I expect), however the supplementary says 69 for the latter(?). I have found that when  interrogating @loc.fac for the supplementary file, locus27 is only listed once, while all others are listed 2x. Perhaps a coincidence but this locus is the only one that is monomorphic  in the supplementary individuals but it is polymorphic in the baseline – would this have any effect?


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