[adegenet-forum] Calculating Distances from a connection Network

Jombart, Thibaut t.jombart at imperial.ac.uk
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Hi there,

yes, the simplest way might be to get the adjacency matrix from the graph and then multiply it by the matrix of geographic distances. Example using nancycats:

## get network
cn1 <- chooseCN(nancycats at other$xy,ask=FALSE,type=1)

## get adj matrix
M <- neig2mat(nb2neig(cn1))

## get geo dist matrix
G <- as.matrix(dist(other(nancycats)$xy))

## get distances on Delaunay graph
d.delau <- G[M>0]

## range


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Hi there

I am a Masters student running an MSPA to look for Spatial structuring in an invasive species in a South African and Australian context. I am able to run the analyses with no apparent issues but was wondering if anyone knew of a method to calculate the minimum and maximum distances from a Delaunay triangulation connection network.

The reason being that i would like to compare my results between South Africa and Australia but want to be sure the connection extents are comparable. i.e. that the minimum/maximum distance between connected individuals are similar within South Africa and Australia.

I am fairly new to both R and Adegenet and so have only a basic working knowledge.


David Phair
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