[adegenet-forum] repooling random rows from genind objects

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hard to figure out what is wrong without the error message..
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Hello All!

I have three seperate populations as genind objects. What I would like to do is pull a certain number of random individuals from each, to form a new single genind population.

I would then like individuals from this new genind population to mate randomly, producing another genind object which would contain their offspring.

Below is the code I came up with (which does not work):

Year1 <- repool(F1[sample(nrow(F1), 500), ], pop1[sample(nrow(pop1), 750), ], pop2[sample(nrow(pop2), 750), ], n=2000)

Year2 <- hybridize(Year1[sample(nrow(Year1), 1000), ], Year1[sample(nrow(Year1), 1000), ], n=2000)

any help would be greatly appreciated!


Spencer A Bruce
200 Washington St.
Troy, NY 12180
518 225 0787
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