[adegenet-forum] Monmonier algorithm and individual scores

Manuela manuelacorreia2 at gmail.com
Sat May 31 22:46:48 CEST 2014

Dear colleagues of Adegenet forum,

 First of all I must congratulate Doctor Thimbault for the wonderful work
he has been so far developed. And following his own suggestion I'm sharing
with you a specific issue raised by the output generated by Monmonier
algorithm used for boundary detection.

I have a sample made of 170 individuals, collected on 9 different places
and genotyped for 19 SNPs by Realtime PCR.

Before I run this line on the R script I had to explain to you about each
one of them:

mon1<- monmonier(xy ,D, gab)

xy – spatial coordinates UTM/Km) ;

D – pairwise allele sharing distance (“Prabclus” package);

gab <-chooseCN(xy,ask=FALSE,type=1)  (Delaunay Triangulation)


>From the output produced, it can be clearly seen that there are 4 clusters
of individuals having four scores (50,100,150,200). But, I can't find a way
to have access to individual scores. As matter in fact, I consulted in
detail all the arguments provided on Plot function but none of them seemed
to me to be on the way I could extract the individuals scores (IS).

I’m wondering if you could give me a hint about it. Any help will be

Kind regards,

Manuela (Biochemist)
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